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Exam Oracle EBS R12.1 Payables Essentials
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Posted April 13, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You can hold the payment of an entire invoice or part of an invoice. This hold prevents a validated invoice from being selected in a Payment Batch, and paid. 
Identify the Payables window where you can select the Hold check box to place the invoice on a Payment Hold.

  • A: Enter Payments
  • B: Invoice Overview
  • C: Invoice Distributions
  • D: Scheduled Payments

Question 2
Assume that the withholding tax is calculated at the invoice payment time and the withholding tax rate is 20%. Identify three statements with the correct withholding tax calculations. (Choose three.) 

  • A: invoice amount $500, withholding tax $100 (20% of $500)
  • B: invoice amount $400, prepayment invoice for $200, withholding tax $4 (20% of $200)
  • C: invoice amount $600, prepayment invoice for $100, withholding tax $12 (20% of $600)
  • D: invoice amount $500, prepayment invoice for $250, withholding tax $50 (20% of $500 – $250)
  • E: invoice amount $600, prepayment invoice for $100, withholding tax $100 (20% of $600 – $100)

Question 3
Identify three true statements about the invoice approval workflow. (Choose three.)

  • A: If an approver rejects the invoice, the Workflow program ends.
  • B: If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, Workflow routes the invoice back to the originator.
  • C: If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, the Workflow requests approval from that person’s manager.
  • D: If an approver approves the invoice, the invoice goes to the next person in the approver list until all required people approve the invoice.
  • E: If the invoice amount is chanaged after the invoice is already submitted to the approval process or after the process is complete, the system does not automatically resubmit the invoice for approval.

Question 4
Identify three open interfaces used to import data into Payables from other applications or third-party solutions. (Choose three.)

  • A: Payables Lease Open Interface
  • B: Payables Pcard Open Interface
  • C: Payables Supplier Open Interface
  • D: Payables iSupplier Open Interface
  • E: Payables Payments Open Interface
  • F: Payables Credit Card Open Interface

Question 5
Payable lists four seeded payment methods. They are check, outsourced check, electronic, and wire. 
Choose the correct description for wire.

  • A: a paper check to print and send to a supplier
  • B: an EFT, EDI, or XML to the bank of a supplier
  • C: a funds transfer initiated by contracting the bank and requesting wire payment to the bank of a supplier.
  • D: transmission of payment information to an external party, such as your bank, that prints checks on your behalf.

Question 6
Subledger Accounting is a rule-based accounting engine that centralizes accounting for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 products. 
Select the Oracle application that is NOT a Subledger Accounting module.

  • A: Assets
  • B: Payables
  • C: Purchasing
  • D: Receivables
  • E: General Ledger

Question 7
Here are four examples of Payments. Three are temporary prepayments. Select the permanent prepayment.

  • A: A supplier sends you an expense report.
  • B: Another supplier is paid for a lease deposit for which you do not expect to be invoiced. 
  • C: Another supplier sends you an invoice referencing a prepayment, so that the hotel catering bill may be paid.
  • D: Another supplier sends an invoice that references a prepayment. The supplier further reduces the amount of the invoice by the amount of the prepayment and tax.

Question 8
At your client site, Cash Management is installed along with Oracle Payables. The Payables option for payment accounting is set to account for a payment both on issue and clearing. The cash clearing accounts and cash accounts are different. 
What accounting happens when a payment is issued?

  • A: debit AP liability, credit cash
  • B: debit cash clearing, credit cash
  • C: debit cash, credit cash clearing
  • D: debit AP liability, credit cash clearing

Question 9
ABC Corporation wants to convert from their existing legacy application to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Identify three statements that are true for invoice conversion. (Choose three.)

  • A: Merge all paid invoices for a supplier.
  • B: Invoices related to employee expense cannot be converted.
  • C: Establish a cutoff date after which invoices will be entered in Payables.
  • D: Use Payables Open Interface to convert unpaid invoices and credit memos.
  • E: Develop metrics that will be used to determine whether data conversion was successful. 

Question 10
Identify three statements that are true for setting up withholding tax for supplier and supplier site. (Choose three.)

  • A: Withholding tax is an account distribution process.
  • B: The withholoding tax option can be overwritten at the invoice level.
  • C: If a supplier does not allow withholding tax, you cannot allow withholoding tax for any of the supplier’s sites.
  • D: Payables defaults the withholding tax group from the suppler site to the invoice and then to invoice distribution.
  • E: The Payables setup option, allow withholding tax, can make suppliers and supplier sites subject to withholding tax.


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