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Exam Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Project Essentials
Number 1z0-511
File Name Oracle.testking.1z0-511.2018-06-13.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted June 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A project is enabled for Burdening by setting up a burden schedule at the project type level. A Miscellaneous expenditure Item Is charged to the project with a raw cost of $100 and expenditure type "Overhead." The "Overheads" expenditure type is excluded from all cost bases in the burden structure. 
What happens when the "PRC: Distribute usage and Miscellaneous Costs" program is run for this project?

  • A: The program errors with the message "Missing Expenditure type."
  • B: The program completes successfully; Raw Cost = $100, Burden Cost=$0, Total Burdened cost=$100.
  • C: The program completes successfully; Raw Cost=$100, Burden Cost= $100, Total Burdened cost=$100.
  • D: The program completes successfully; Raw Cost =$100, Burden Cost=$0, Total Burdened cost= $0.

Question 2
A customer wants to make a new classification mandatory on all their new projects. Select the three options that could help them accomplish this.

  • A: Define the classification as Mandatory in the Classification configuration.
  • B: Define the classification as Mandatory in the Project Type configuration.
  • C: Define the classification category to allow one code only.
  • D: Define project status controls to disallow project status changes where classification category codes are missing.
  • E: Define the classification as Required on the appropriate project templates in the QuickEntry screen.

Question 3
An employee has entered eight hours of billable time on a project. You want only three hours to be billable and five hours to be nonbillable. What is the adjustment action that should be applied on this expenditure item?

  • A: Transfer the item.
  • B: Change the billable status.
  • C: Split the item.
  • D: Apply billing hold.
  • E: Change quantity.

Question 4
A one-time additional public holiday has been announced for this year. You update the PA Calendar, which is used for Resourcing with this exception. Select the two options required to ensure that this change is reflected in the existing assignment on resource calendars.

  • A: Run "PRC: Generate Calendar Schedules."
  • B: Run "PRC: Rebuild Resource Timeline."
  • C: Inform Resource Managers that they will have to redo all the existing planning.
  • D: Run "PRC: Automated Candidate Search."
  • E: Run "PRC: Refresh project summary amounts."

Question 5
You define assets for your project and assign them at the project or task level. What should be the value of "Project Asset Type" to generate asset lines?

  • A: Estimated
  • B: As Built
  • C: Generate
  • D: Built
  • E: Regenerate

Question 6
A customer is billed using deliverable billing events, which are currently approved by the customer and the finance director before invoicing. There are often invoices awaiting the finance director's approval and release. The Finance director would like to use functionality that allows all invoices to be approved and released automatically. 
How can this be achieved?

  • A: Use deliverable management to automatically approve the invoice.
  • B: Implement the cost-to-cost billing extension.
  • C: Implement the cost accrual and project status inquiry extension.
  • D: Implement the invoice approval/release extension.
  • E: Set the "Interface unreleased revenue to GL" profile option to "Yes."

Question 7
A project has two customer billing elements. One part of the project is based on a fixed fee and the other part is a variable based on a cost plus basis. The customer requires separate invoices for fixed fee elements and variable works elements. How can agreements be used to provide separate invoices?

  • A: Create each element as a top task and implement top task billing for the project.
  • B: Create each element as a top task on the project and create an agreement for variable works and one for fixed fee. Then fund the project at the top task level.
  • C: Have one agreement and create an invoice grouping rule in Accounts Receivable.
  • D: Create one agreement and fund the project.
  • E: Use billing events and create separate events per purchase order.

Question 8
A company generates revenue at period end, but bills monthly in arrears. The first project revenue is due to be recognized at the end of May and the first invoice sent to the customer in June. What are the accounting entries at the end of May?

  • A: Debit: Cost of Goods SoldCredit: Unbilled Receivables
  • B: Debit: BankCredit: Revenue
  • C: Debit: Unearned RevenueCredit: Revenue
  • D: Debit: RevenueCredit: Accounts PayableLiability Account
  • E: Debit: UnbilledReceivablesCredit: Revenue

Question 9
An organization wants to consolidate work based billing across multiple projects (produce one invoice for a single customer based on multiple contract projects). 
Which two methods will help them accomplish this?

  • A: Create draft Invoices against individual projects, and consolidate them in Receivables.
  • B: Create a program. All costs will roll up to the program level and the program can be billed.
  • C: Run the invoice consolidation concurrent request to produce a single invoice.
  • D: Carry out billing against top tasks across any projects with the same Service Type.
  • E: Use inter-project billing so that individual contract projects invoice a single project which, in turn, bills the customer.

Question 10
A client requires a project definition that allows for charging expenditures to the project at a higher Work Breakdown Structure level than where the manually entered percentage complete progress is captured. Which three Shared Structure relationships will support this requirement?

  • A: Shared
  • B: Partially shared
  • C: Mapped
  • D: Not shared
  • E: Vertical


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