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Exam Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Project Essentials
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your customer has set up a contract project with a distribution rule Work/Work. Identify three setup options to:
Charge labor transactions revenue and all other nonlabor transactions revenue to separate account 
Generate separate invoice line amounts for labor and nonlabor transactions

  • A: Setup revenue categories as required.
  • B: Define revenue accounts at the revenue category setup level.
  • C: Define AutoAccounting rules to derive revenue account based on revenue category.
  • D: Define grouping option by revenue category on the invoice format and attach the invoice format at the project type level.
  • E: Define grouping option by revenue category on the project type.

Question 2
Identify two predefined transaction sources that Oracle Projects uses to import the transactions generated within Oracle Projects.

  • A: Oracle Interproject Supplier Invoices
  • B: Oracle Projects Intercompany Supplier Invoices
  • C: Project Allocations
  • D: Capitalized Interest
  • E: Oracle Interprojed Customer Invoices

Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. 


In your company's Expenditure/Event Organization Hierarchy, organization labor costing rules are assigned to all organizations except San Jose. What happens when you run the "PRC: Distribute labor costs" program for a timecard transaction entered by an employee from the San Jose organization?

  • A: The rule assigned for San Francisco takes precedence and the transaction will he successfully a distributed.
  • B: The rule assigned for USA takes precedence and the transaction will he successfully cost distributed.
  • C: The rule assigned for California takes precedence and the transaction will be successfully cost distributed.
  • D: The program ignores this transaction, because no labor costing rule is assigned for San Jose and completes normally.
  • E: The program completes normally. However, the output will have this transaction under the exceptions section with a message "No Labor costing rule assigned for organization."

Question 4
Which two options are not task attributes for financial task structure?

  • A: Task Type
  • B: Service Type
  • C: Work Type
  • D: Chargeable Flag
  • E: Scheduled Dates

Question 5
A new contract project is created for work for a customer by using event-based billing. A decision has been made to give a discount to the customer on a particular invoice. You want to apply this discount and reduce the invoice without affecting revenue. 
Which event type should be used to achieve this?

  • A: Manual
  • B: Invoice Reduction
  • C: Deferred Revenue
  • D: Automatic
  • E: Scheduled Payment

Question 6
In which two circumstances would it be appropriate to deselect the "Interface Revenue to GL" option in System Implementation Options, before you run the Interface to GL?

  • A: During data migration if Revenue is already in General Ledger
  • B: When Revenue is handled in Accounts Receivable
  • C: When AutoAccounting is incorrect and the Revenue interfacing to General Ledger needs to be put on hold.
  • D: When Finance wants to reconcile Unbilled Receivables/Unearned Revenue
  • E: When Revenue was generated in error for all projects in Released status, and needs to be corrected.

Question 7
What type of project will a company require to use Organization Forecasting?

  • A: contract project
  • B: Administration Project
  • C: Organization Planning Project
  • D: capital project
  • E: multi-function project

Question 8
An organization uses Oracle Projects and has fully installed Oracle Human Resources. Which statement does not apply to this scenario?

  • A: Employees can be entered and maintained in Oracle Projects.
  • B: Jobs can be setup in Oracle Projects.
  • C: Organizations can be defined in Oracle Projects.
  • D: Organization Hierarchies can be defined in Oracle Projects.
  • E: Worker Assignments can be viewed in Oracle Projects.

Question 9
Identify the four different levels where transaction controls are defined.

  • A: Expenditure Categories
  • B: Expenditure Organization
  • C: Employee
  • D: Project Organization
  • E: Expenditure Type
  • F: Person Type

Question 10
Your client has expressed a desire to produce and summarize invoice lines for Non-Labor transactions by type of expenditure based on high level tasks of the project. 
Which invoice formal grouping should he used to achieve this?

  • A: TopTask, Expenditure Type
  • B: TopTask, Employee
  • C: Revenue Category, Expenditure Category, Top Task
  • D: TopTask, Expenditure Category
  • E: TopTask, Revenue Category, Expenditure Category, Expenditure Type


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