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Exam Oracle Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-500
File Name Oracle.PracticeDumps.1z0-500.2018-01-16.1e.63q.vcex
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Posted January 16, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements should you validate before you deploy a Gateway? (Choose two.)

  • A: The installation user has read and write privileges to the agent_base directory on the server.
  • B: Server for Gateway has RAM and disk space available.
  • C: Server for Gateway has data collector already installed on it.
  • D: Server for Gateway has Cloud agent already installed on it.
  • E: Oracle Enterprise Manager repository is installed on Gateway server.

Question 2
Utilizing a web browser, which method should you use you confirm that the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service is running on a specific application server target?

  • A: In Oracle Management Cloud, check if the application server appears on the APM page, in AppServers from the pull-down menu.
  • B: Check if APM appears in the Oracle Cloud My Services Dashboard tab.
  • C: Check APM roles appear in the Oracle Cloud My Services Users tab.
  • D: In Oracle Management Cloud, check if the enterprise application appears in the APM Application Definitions view.

Question 3
A customer wants to compare, trend, and forecast weekday WebLogic Heap usage to weekend usage. 
How should you configure IT Analytics to perform and display that analysis?

  • A: Create two separate targets on Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, one collecting data only for weekends and other only on weekdays.
  • B: Perform a weekday analysis and then a weekend analysis, then overlay them in Excel.
  • C: Use a Seasonal Filter for the relevant days in the time series.
  • D: From the IT Analytics display, navigate to the Administration page and configure target collectors to perform seasonal data harvesting.

Question 4
Which two steps should you perform before deploying an Oracle Management Cloud service? (Choose two.)

  • A: Review entities in Cloud Framework repository.
  • B: Download master installed from Oracle Cloud.
  • C: Configure a data collector.
  • D: Installer gateways.
  • E: Review Oracle Management Cloud documentation on ORACLE.COM.
  • F: Review Oracle Management Cloud Master Notes on MyOracleSupport.

Question 5
When diagnosing a server response time issue using the Application Performance Monitoring service, what is the smallest sample period that you can select to display?

  • A: Last day
  • B: Last 6 hours
  • C: Last 60 mins
  • D: Last 15 mins
  • E: Last 10 mins
  • F: Last 1 min

Question 6
You need to confirm that deployment of the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service was successful at a customer site. 
Which three steps should you perform?

  • A: Examine the Gateway logs.
  • B: Verify the APM Java Agent directory structure.
  • C: Examine the Data Collector directory structure.
  • D: Examine the APM Java Agent logs.
  • E: Use the Oracle Cloud MyServices user interface.
  • F: Use the Application Performance Monitoring web user interface.

Question 7
You deployed the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agent to a JBoss application server but don’t see data in APM web user interface? 
What are the two steps that you need to perform to troubleshoot the issue?

  • A: Confirm that the registration key is VALID and re-enter it.
  • B: Look in the agent log file to see if there are any errors being reported and if it is seeing traffic.
  • C: Close the browser to see if it is a cookie issue.
  • D: In the APM display, under agent administration, see if the agent name and last time the agent checked in with Oracle Management Cloud appear.
  • E: Reboot the application because this sometimes has to be done twice to pickup changes.

Question 8
Which Oracle Management Cloud component requires SSH and SQL access to the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository database?

  • A: APM Agent
  • B: Cloud Agent
  • C: Data Collector
  • D: Gateway

Question 9
Which component must be allowed connectivity to the Internet to communicate with the Oracle Cloud?

  • A: Cloud Agent
  • B: Enterprise Manager Agent
  • C: Data Collector
  • D: Gateway

Question 10
What should you perform before exploration of log data in the Log Analytics service?

  • A: Mask log data.
  • B: Enable Oracle out-of-box or custom log sources to add data.
  • C: Configure a generic parser.
  • D: Enabled all Oracle out-of-box sources to add data.
  • E: Create a log parser.



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