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Exam Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Essentials
Number 1z0-468
File Name Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Essentials.PracticeTest.1z0-468.2019-02-22.1e.37q.vcex
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Posted February 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the difference between Entry Processors and Aggregators?

  • A: Entry Processors require a key or a set of keys, whereas Aggregators require filters.
  • B: Entry Processors can skip the network by executing against near caches directly, whereas Aggregators must execute on storage members.
  • C: Entry Processors are better suited to Map-Reduce operations than Aggregators.
  • D: Aggregators are optimized for read-only access, whereas Entry Processors can modify cache entries.

Question 2
Which statement about JRockit Discovery Protocol (JDP) is true?

  • A: JDP enables network auto discovery of JVMs.
  • B: JDP is a subset of HTTP.
  • C: JDP can be used by application to exchange serialized data between JVMs.
  • D: JDP was initially introduced in the HotSpot VM 1.5.

Question 3
Which statement describes the difference between the Runtime Analyzer and JRockit Flight Recorder?

  • A: Only Runtime Analyzer allows detailed heap analysis.
  • B: Only Flight Recorder allows “back-in-time” analysis.
  • C: Thread deadlock analysis is not possible in Flight Recorder.
  • D: Flight Recorder cannot be run in an "always-on" mode.
  • E: Flight Recorder causes significantly higher processor overhead than Runtime Analyzer.

Question 4
When an object placed into a cache implements the Java Runnable interface, Coherence will _______________.

  • A: immediately schedule it to be an on the service thread of the cache in which it was placed
  • B: do nothing; Coherence does not differentiate between types of value objects
  • C: ultimately attempt to run the object on a free worker thread associated with the service of the cache in which the object was placed
  • D: hand the object over to the Invocation service to invoke the run method

Question 5
Which change cannot be made in an assembly at deployment time?

  • A: setting the appliance’s memory and CPU requirements
  • B: changing the listening port of the product
  • C: not deploying an appliance by setting its target count to zero
  • D: not deploying an appliance by removing it from the assembly

Question 6
An application frequently requests data (from s Coherence cache configured with a cache loader) that may not be available in the underlying data source. The cost of looking up data via the cache loader is expensive in terms of time and resources. 
To reduce these costs, which configuration should be used to cache the notion that an entry is not available?

  • A: Modify the application to maintain a “misses” cache to keep track of the entries that were expected to be found in the other cache, but were recently not found.
  • B: Configure a “cache-miss-scheme” on the appropriate cache.
  • C: Modify the cache loader to maintain a “map” of entries not found, and consult this map before attempting to load an entry from the external source.
  • D: This can't be achieved with Coherence.

Question 7
Which system property is used to customize a Coherence deployment configuration for different environments?

  • A: tangosol.coherence.cacheconfig
  • B:
  • C:
  • D: tangosol.coherence.override

Question 8
Which two actions can be used to create/add an index in Coherence? (Choose two.)

  • A: ValueExtractor
  • B: Comparator
  • C: QueryMap
  • D: MapIndex
  • E: SimpleMapIndex

Question 9
With which WLS license is WLS Management Pack EE included?

  • A: WebLogic Suite
  • B: WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  • C: WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition
  • D: WebLogic Server EE or WebLogic Suite
  • E: WLS Management Pack is not included in any of the WLS packs

Question 10
Which two components are required as part of any EM deployment? (Choose two.)

  • A: Oracle Management Service
  • B: Oracle Management Repository
  • C: Oracle Ops Center
  • D: BI Publisher
  • E: Software Library


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