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Exam Project Lifecycle Management Essentials
Number 1z0-466
File Name Project Lifecycle Management Essentials.PracticeTest.1Z0-466.2017-01-10.1e.59q.vcex
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Posted January 10, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Select the three statements that are true about the Project management Plan.

  • A: It is created in the Manage Project Execution and Control phase.
  • B: It is the single most important work product produced by the project manager.
  • C: Its main focus is on scheduling the project.
  • D: It is created by the project manager and the client.
  • E: It is a conceptual work product comprised of process components detailing the tools and/or approach for each OUM Manage process.
  • F: It provides a framework for the Analysis and Design processes.

Question 2
Select the three constraints that are missing in this Triple Constraint triangle.

  • A: Usability
  • B: Scope
  • C: Cost
  • D: Complexity
  • E: Product
  • F: Schedule

Question 3
Which two statements are true about the Change Control Board (CCB)?

  • A: It meets daily during Project Execution and Control.
  • B: It is an internal project organization that is responsible for reviewing and resolving change requests.
  • C: It is a person, group, or business that has a shared interest in a particular set of activities.
  • D: It escalates changes affecting scope to the steering committee.

Question 4
Which identifies the quality standards that are relevant to the project and how to satisfy them?

  • A: Quality Assurance
  • B: Quality Control
  • C: Quality Planning
  • D: Process Improvement

Question 5
Select two objectives of the OUM Implement Elaboration phase.

  • A: Confirm the project scope.
  • B: Identify and validate the architecturally significant requirements.
  • C: Identify key configuration decisions.
  • D: Prepare the system for acceptance test and deployment.
  • E: Address critical operational issues.
  • F: Obtain acceptance.

Question 6
Select two objectives of the OUM Manage Project Execution and Control phase.

  • A: Manage the project resources to deliver on time and in budget.
  • B: Gain project acceptance.
  • C: Release staff.
  • D: Execute against the Project Management Plan.

Question 7
Which three risks does Organizational Change Management seek to mitigate?

  • A: Employee attrition
  • B: Vendor delivery rates
  • C: Lack of personal effectiveness
  • D: Interruptions to the business
  • E: Natural disasters

Question 8
In which process does the Review and Analyze Bid Materials drive the Validated Scope in the Scope Management process?

  • A: Financial Management
  • B: Infrastructure Management
  • C: Organizational Change Management
  • D: Bid Transition

Question 9
What is the purpose of the Project Execution and Control Phase?

  • A: To prove the solution described in the scope document meets the project requirements.
  • B: To provide adequate visibility into actual progress so that management can take effective actions when necessary.
  • C: To successfully transition from the sales team to the delivery team.
  • D: To provide an adequate foundation for the Project Management Plan.

Question 10
Which is true about OUM Manage?

  • A: It emphasizes clearly documenting the scope of the project and the exact procedures to implement changes to this scope.
  • B: It is not possible to control the project timeline without a detailed project plan.
  • C: It is necessary to only document the items in the scope.
  • D: If the project sponsor requires a functional change, the project team must comply with the request.


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