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Exam Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials
Number 1z0-462
File Name Oracle.Braindumps.1z0-462.2015-05-12.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted May 12, 2015
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and one flex definition asset type. Which statement is true?

  • A: For every flex definition, you must create a corresponding start menu.
  • B: It is possible to assign a specific flex definition asset type to a specific flex asset type within the flex family creation wizard forms.
  • C: A flex definition asset can be assigned to a particular flex asset type within the flex definition asset creation form.
  • D: By default, any flex definition can be assigned to a flex asset within a specific flex family at the time of creation.

Question 2
Which two administrative capabilitiesare included on the Admin tab in the Admininterface?

  • A: User Generated Content
  • B: User Profile
  • C: Publishing
  • D: Segment Creation
  • E: In-Context editing

Question 3
Your PageLayout template hasthe following code part ofthe template:

When trying to render this page, you see the following exception in the log:

What is the cause for this exception?

  • A: Parameters argA and argB are not part of the MySite/Content_C/Detail template's cache criteria.
  • B: Parameters argA and argB are not part of the PageLayout template's cache criteria.
  • C: Page asset needs to have argA and ArgB defined as cache criteria.
  • D: Page asset needs to have argA and ArgB defined as attributes part of the asset. 

Question 4
You have enabledglobal search butyour assets are stillnot being returnedin a search. Which three arereasons that theassets are not searchable?

  • A: System events are not running, so the indexer is not being called.
  • B: A parent asset has multiple child assets.
  • C: The search is not configured correctly.
  • D: TheLucene index files are corrupted.
  • E: The asset contains binary data.

Question 5
An Article asset has 12fields and mostof them are renderedon a detail template. Which tag can beused to get allthe attributes ina single call?

  • A: Asset:get
  • B: asset:loadall
  • C: asset:scatter
  • D: asset:list

Question 6
Observe the following:

What is the purpose of ModulePrefsin a gadget descriptor?

  • A: ModuIePrefs defines properties and dependencies for a gadget.
  • B: ModulePrefs defines styles for a gadget.
  • C: ModuIePrefs defines data access URLs for a gadget.
  • D: ModulePrefs defines user preferences for a gadget.

Question 7
Which two accurately describe the capabilities that a SatelliteServer provides in a solution?

  • A: deliver of mobile content via satellite feeds
  • B: ability to quickly and economically scale a solution
  • C: provision of an additional layer of caching, supplementing the layer of caching inWebCenter Sites
  • D: addition of another layer of security in the architecture 

Question 8
Which functionality doesWebCenter SitesPublishing use to ensure thatthere are no broken links orcontent?

  • A: It can obtain workflow approval automatically prior to publishing.
  • B: It evaluates asset dependencies before publishing.
  • C: It copies asset information without the need for SQL queries to the publishing destination.
  • D: It publishes code as well as content.

Question 9
Which three are justificationsfor using an LDAP serverwith WebCenter Sites?

  • A: centralizing user credentials
  • B: separation of storage for identity and content
  • C: leveraging existing identity management solutions
  • D: improved asset management
  • E: enhanced ACL configuration

Question 10
What two are characteristics of basic assets?

  • A: can be rated for use with recommendations and promotions
  • B: are simple data structures with a single storage table
  • C: support a fixed, predictable design with a moderate number of attributes
  • D: do not work with static publishing
  • E: do not allow for subtypes
  • F: inlcude main tag families such as ASSETSET, SEARCHSTATE, and RENDER


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