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Exam Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials
Number 1z0-462
File Name Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials.train4sure.1z0-462.2019-02-07.1e.43q.vcex
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Posted February 07, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are replicating the site Avi with a prefix Type2Avi. Which two statements are true?

  • A: All asset types and subtypes are copied to the Type2Avi site.
  • B: Asset associations are shared between the Avi and Type2AVi sites.
  • C: All users for the Avi site are shared with Type2Avi but not copied.
  • D: Start menus are shared from the Avi site to the Type2Avi site.

Question 2
Your client wants its website to support multiple channel delivery. The client has new requirements:
The web pages should rearrange themselves for smaller devices and/or browser size and/or orientation. 
Editors do not need to do anything more or learn anything new than what they do or know currently, with regard to their current 1024-pixel-wide website. 
The client wants to keep the amount of code testing to a minimum. 
Which solution best meets these requirements?

  • A: Create multiple instances of Article assets, one each for the type of device that you want to support, and assign them the appropriate template.
  • B: Create multiple instances of responsive templates, one each for the type of device that you want to support, by using namespaces to distinguish between them at request time.
  • C: Install multiple WebCenter Sites delivery environments, one each for the type of devices that you want to support.
  • D: Refactor your existing templates by using the open source CSS and JavaScript libraries to enable responsive behaviors.

Question 3
When you want to cache aCSEIement explicitly, you need to:

  • A: create an external dependency for the element
  • B: create a SiteEntry for the element
  • C: add the <ics :enablecache/> tag to the element
  • D: add the <ics :explicitcache/> tag to the element

Question 4
Identify two features that Global Site Foundation provides.

  • A: Pagelet authentication
  • B: Support for vanity URLs
  • C: Detailed page fragment analytics
  • D: Built-in 404 response for deleted assets

Question 5
Which database does the Jumpstart Kit use?

  • A: MySQL
  • B: HyperSQL
  • C: Sybase
  • D: Oracle Express
  • E: TimesTen

Question 6
Which two tables does the WebCenter Sitesnative user management system leverage?

  • A: SystemUsers and SystemUserProfiles
  • B: SystemUsers and SystemUserAttr
  • C: SystemUserAttrs and Systemlnfo
  • D: SystemUsers and SystemACL

Question 7
Which two items does the search engine integrationframework work in conjunction with?

  • A: Queue Management
  • B: Mirror Publishing
  • C: Event Management
  • D: WSDT
  • E: Cache Management

Question 8
Given this scenario:A flex family iscreated with twoflex asset types,one parent assettype, oneparent definition assettype,and one flex definition asset type. Which statement is true?

  • A: For every flex definition, you must create a corresponding start menu.
  • B: It is possible to assign a specific flex definition asset type to a specific flex asset type within the flex family creation wizard forms.
  • C: A flex definition asset can be assigned to a particular flex asset type within the flex definition asset creation form.
  • D: By default, any flex definition can be assigned to a flex asset within a specific flex family at the time of creation.

Question 9
When creating a user in the WEMinterface, what are theminimum fields that are required?

  • A: Name
  • B: Email
  • C: ACLs
  • D: Groups
  • E: Password
  • F: Assign user to a site

Question 10
What would you needto set to participatein aworkflow that providesan email notificationfor users?

  • A: user account
  • B: user profile
  • C: be a part of the workflowuser role
  • D: LDAP account


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