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Exam Oracle Linux 6 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-460
File Name Oracle.CertDumps.1z0-460.2018-07-04.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted July 04, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Identify the option with two files that are found in the /etc/sysconfig directory.

  • A: /etc/sysconfig/autofs and/etc/sysconfig/authconfig
  • B: /etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-eth0 and/etc/sysconfig/atd
  • C: /etc/sysconfig/resolv.conf and/etc/sysconfig/network
  • D: /etc/sysconfig/resolv.conf and/etc/sysconfig/grub.conf

Question 2
Which two options can be completed when using the Firewall Configuration Tool, system – config – firewall?

  • A: Write complex firewall rules for checking, logging, and rejecting inbound and outbound connections
  • B: Enabling or disabling the firewall entirely
  • C: Build a filter to obfuscate sensitive data (national ID numbers, Credit Cards, and so on)
  • D: Select the services that have access to the network resource

Question 3
Identify the Oracle-supported source for obtaining Oracle Linux

  • A: From any good Linux distribution
  • B: From Oracle's eDelivery software delivery cloud
  • C: From Oracle Metalink Support
  • D: From Linux vendors such as Red Hat or SUSE
  • E: From Anaconda Installer

Question 4
View the output below. As oracle user, you run the following command on your Oracle Linux 6 system: 
[[email protected] ~ ] $ 
[[email protected] ~] $ nice - - 10 ./ & 
[1] 2735 
[[email protected] ~] $ nice: cannot set niceness: permission denied
Why is the nice command failing?

  • A: Shell scripts cannot be assigned a negative nice value.
  • B: There is already another process running with same niceness value on this system.
  • C: A negative nice value can be set by the root user.
  • D: A nice value of -10 is not the permissible niceness range.

Question 5
You have to mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file OracleLinux –R6 – U2 – Server – X86_64-dvd.iso to the /media/cdrom mount point. 
Which command will help you mount the Oracle Linux ISO image file?

  • A: # mount OracleLinux –R6 –U2 –Server X86_64-dvd.iso /media/cdrom
  • B: # mount –t DVD OracleLinux –R6 –U2-Server-X86_64-DVD.iso/media/cdrom
  • C: # mount /dvd/OracleLinux -R6 -U2- Server=X86_64-dvd.iso /media/cdrom/OracleLinux-R6-UI-Server-X86_64-dvd.iso
  • D: # mount – 0 ro, loop oracleLinux –R6 –U2 –Server –X86_64 –dvd.iso /media/cdrom

Question 6
You have to find the default runlevel of your Oracle Linux system. Which file will help you find this information?

  • A: /boot/grub/grub.conf
  • B: /etc/inittab
  • C: /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
  • D: /etc/rc.local
  • E: /etc/rc.d/init.d

Question 7
Examine the following commands: 
# groupadd project 
# mkdir /usr/share/project 
# chown –R root.project /usr/share/project 
# qpasswd –a scott project 
# qpasswd –a foo project 
# chmod 2775 /usr/share/project 
Based on the commands, which statement is correct?

  • A: Any new file created in the /usr/share/project folder by user scott will not be possible for foo to modify it.
  • B: All members of the project group need the administrator’s help to change the file permission every time users write new files in the /usr/share/project folder.
  • C: Files created by all members of the project group in the /usr/share/project folder will get the same group permission as the folder itself.
  • D: The chmod command can only take a three-digit argument.

Question 8
Which three statements describe the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK)?

  • A: The UEK contains proprietary Linux Kernel enhancements only available to Oracle Linux.
  • B: The UEK is available for x86 (32 bit), x86-64 (64 bit), ARM 32 bit, and ARM 64 bit servers.
  • C: Existing applications run unchanged with the UEK in place because all system libraries remain unchanged.
  • D: The UEK has more recent kernel enhancements for features like power management than the Red Hat Compatible Kernel.
  • E: The UEK has ASMlib included by default.

Question 9
Identify three valid modes for SELinux.

  • A: Disabled
  • B: Enforcing
  • C: Running
  • D: Permissive
  • E: Enabled
  • F: High_level
  • G: Label_only

Question 10
Which two features are available with the Unbreakable kernel R2, but not with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel?

  • A: Oracle Clusterware for Linux
  • B: Up to 4-petabyte cluster volumes with OCFS2
  • C: Ksplice zero downtime patching
  • D: Transparent Huge Pages support (that is, 2 MB instead of 4 KB)



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