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Exam Primavera Unifier Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-439
File Name Oracle.passguide.1z0-439.2018-04-23.1e.45q.vcex
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Posted April 23, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Identify two actions that occur if a user is set to an Inactive status (Choose two.)

  • A: The user can be selected in User Pickers.
  • B: The user’s permissions can be changed.
  • C: The user can be assigned to new Groups.
  • D: The user cannot log into Unifier.
  • E: The user can be given new tasks.

Question 2
You are an administrator supporting a specific Shell. You have been asked to report on named users assigned to specific Groups within that Shell for a management review. You use the Export User Group Assignment File functionality to complete this task.  
However, while reviewing this report, you inadvertently notice that some of the users have not been exported in this report. What is the reason for this?

  • A: The users are On Hold.
  • B: The users do not have an email address.
  • C: The users are not assigned to Groups.
  • D: The users have no permissions assigned.

Question 3

Which two statements about the date formula built on the Vendor Active Date field are true?

  • A: It derives a numeric value as the result.
  • B: It is an example of Date Difference.
  • C: It is an example of date Add.
  • D: It derives another date as the result.
  • E: It derives a number as the result.

Question 4
Which two statements are true about Data Definitions? (Choose two.)

  • A: Data Definitions are completed before the design of the Business Process.
  • B: Basic Data Definitions can be system defined and/or user defined.
  • C: A hyperlink placed on a form is a Data Definitions input type.
  • D: All Data Definitions must be completely defined and locked before deployment.

Question 5
You have completed and tested designs in the staging environment. Your project team feels that the design is ready to be brought into the production environment. Identify the first step in this process.

  • A: Create the Design Bundle in staging Environment.
  • B: Export the design to a local directory.
  • C: Delete staging data in production environment.
  • D: Delete user data in staging environment.

Question 6
You are formatting the layout of the Description block. What action must you take if you want to hide the label of this block?

  • A: Clear the Show Description field.
  • B: Clear the Show Label field.
  • C: Delete text in the Name field.
  • D: Delete text in the Label field.

Question 7
Identify the process that makes a completed design available for testing purpose.

  • A: Import
  • B: Design Bundle
  • C: Tag
  • D: Deploy

Question 8
Identify two mandatory Data Elements on a Shell Attribute Form. (Choose two.)

  • A: Project Manager
  • B: Administrator (based on uuu administrator)
  • C: Shell Name (based on uuu shell name)
  • D: Shell Name (based on SYS shell name)
  • E: Administrator (based on SYS administrator)

Question 9
You are building a workflow and specifying conditional routing. There are multiple conditions that must be met. 
How do you do this?

  • A: Set up a Form with a drop-down menu.
  • B: Set up an Or operator.
  • C: Set up an And operator.
  • D: Set up a Data Picker.

Question 10
Identify two benefits of using Programs. (Choose two.)

  • A: Create standard reports to be used across Shells.
  • B: Update access across multiple Shells regardless of Shell types.
  • C: Consolidate financial, schedule, and status across related Shells.
  • D: Combine Shells without creating Shell hierarchy.


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