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Exam Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-433
File Name Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6-0 Implementation Essentials.1Z0-433.2016-12-07.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted December 07, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the function of the samfsdump utility? 

  • A: It provides a metadata backup of the file names, directory structure, inode information, and unarchived disk cache data.
  • B: It restores a file system from the time of the last snapshot.
  • C: It configures archive and recycling policies.
  • D: It monitors log files, alerts, and faults.

Question 2
What is the purpose of the Oracle HSM Stage function?

  • A: to send tape copies to an offsite vault
  • B: to copy files from archive media to the primary file system
  • C: to determine file availability on tape
  • D: to return type copies from the offsite vault

Question 3
To configure an ACSLS-controlled tape library, you use Oracle HSM Manager to automatically discover the library configuration. 
Which interface can you alternatively use to obtain the  library configuration file that Oracle HSM will use?

  • A: acsapi
  • B: acsss
  • C: acssam
  • D: acsqfs

Question 4
For a nine-year TCO, how much can be saved by using tape instead of disk storage?

  • A: 26x
  • B: 20x
  • C: 12x
  • D: 5x

Question 5
What does a generic Oracle HSM tiered storage system not look like? 

  • A: remote NFS server
  • B: remote CIFS server
  • C: disk-attached storage or FC SAN
  • D: SCSI-attached tape storage

Question 6
Which storage platform can provide the disk cache for Oracle HSM?

  • A: any NAS storage
  • B: any FC disk supported by Solaris
  • C: only specific disk devices that have been qualified for use with Oracle HSM
  • D: only Oracle storage

Question 7
What must you do after creating FS1 (Axiom) LUNs in the storage domains?

  • A: Map to server according to FC initiators.
  • B: Associate the host to the HBA port number.
  • C: Balance LUN mappings over different slammers and control units.
  • D: Edit Quality of Service settings.

Question 8
Which Oracle storage device provides support for configurable performance and capacity disk storage within one system?

  • A: Oracle Fabric Interconnect
  • B: ZFS Storage Appliance
  • C: Axiom FS1
  • D: Exadata Storage Sells

Question 9
Which option describes Oracle HSM (Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager)?

  • A: Standard AIX inode interface for metadata
  • B: high-performance, high-capacity Windows file system
  • C: automated policy-based hierarchical storage management
  • D: Native MAC and Windows interface to enable sharing and management of files 

Question 10
In an Oracle HSM Infrastructure, at what point does DIV reject a corrupted record? 

  • A: when CRCs do not match
  • B: when written to the cartridge
  • C: when read from the disk
  • D: when staged to disk


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