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Exam Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials
Number 1z0-430
File Name Oracle WebCenter Portal 11-1-1-8 Essentials.1Z0-430.2017-01-05.1e.46q.vcex
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Posted January 05, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
On a normally well-performing environment, you are experiencing unexpected slow response times, or no server response, for some page requests in WebCenter 
Portal? You are attempting to debug this issue starting at WLS.  
Which two diagnostic steps should you take to resolve this issue?  

  • A: Submit more requests to the server to see if it responds.
  • B: Check the WLS admin console to see the status of the managed server.
  • C: Check the diagnostic log file for the managed server to see if there are STUCK threads.
  • D: Perform a cold restart of the server.

Question 2
Which is true for portals created in the WebCenter Portal version?

  • A: A new portal created in references a global default navigation model.
  • B: A new portal created in contains a local navigation model.
  • C: A new portal created in contains a local read-only navigation model.
  • D: A new portal created in does not contain any navigation model.

Question 3
Which two options are required when configuring Portal in a clustered environment?

  • A: ensuring each Portal server has its own content server
  • B: enforcing Sticky Sessions on the Load Balancer, which handles the requests for the Portal application
  • C: hosting all portal instances on the same server
  • D: configuring session replication between the Portal cluster nodes

Question 4
Which statement is not true?

  • A: Responsive Design allows a page to change content visibility and or layout in the browser if the browser is resized.
  • B: A page using Responsive Design is refreshed in the portal server when the size of the browser is changed.
  • C: Responsive Design includes adding server-side logic to conditionally display areas on a page.
  • D: Responsive Design allows pages to target more than one device size or orientation.

Question 5
Which three steps are needed for using custom task flows with business components in multiple portals?

  • A: Create the task flow in each portal.
  • B: Create the task flow once in JDeveloper.
  • C: Deploy it once as a portal shared library to WebCenter Portal server.
  • D: Import the task flow in each portal. 
  • E: Add the task flow to the desired resource catalogs.
  • F: Download and update portal MDS (metadata data services) customizations for each portal.

Question 6
Which two WebCenter Content components must be enabled for the WebCenter Portal content integration?

  • A: Site Studio (for uploading files)
  • B: WebCenterConfigure
  • C: Folders_G and FrameworkFolders
  • D: Folders_G or FrameworkFolders
  • E: InBound Refinery

Question 7
What three configurations have to be done to ensure that a portal can correctly display content from WebCenter Content server?

  • A: OHS (Oracle HTTP Server) configured to front end both WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content
  • B: WebCenter Portal and Content running on the same server
  • C: an SSO (Single Sign-On) solution configured between WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content
  • D: web context root set on the content repository connection
  • E: WebCenter Portal and Content configured in the same WebLogic server domain

Question 8
In WebCenter Portal server, how do you definitively disable the ability to create a portal?

  • A: Edit your page template and remove the “Create Portal” links.
  • B: This feature cannot be disabled because it is an integral part of WebCenter Portal.
  • C: Revoke the Create Portal application permission from authenticated users.
  • D: You can disable the portal creation feature by using a system parameter.

Question 9
Your customer has configured Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) with Oracle WebCenter Portal. The customer is complaining about the search results not including secured resources. The WebCenter Diagnostic log file indicates the below error: 
Received status “failed” during proxy login with application entity “weblogic” to Oracle SES at http://host:port/search/query/OracleSearch, as search user “vicki”.
Defaulting to public.  
Which three actions are necessary to resolve the issue?

  • A: Confirm that Oracle SES is configured with an identity management system to validate and authenticate users.
  • B: Confirm that WebCenter Portal and Oracle SES use different identity management systems (Active Directory or Oracle Internet Directory).
  • C: All repositories (such as WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content Server, and Oracle WebCenter Portal Discussions Server) must share the same user base as Oracle SES.
  • D: Oracle SES must have a trusted entity for allowing WebCenter Portal end users to be securely propagated at search time.

Question 10
Your client is developing page templates and pages for their portal using primarily Portal Builder. During the process of building this Portal, the client uses Portal 
Builder and JDeveloper.  
Identify the initial step required to perform this round-trip development.  

  • A: Choose the “Save Portal” option in the Portal Administration page.
  • B: Export the WebCenter Portal’s database schema.
  • C: Choose “Export” from the portal assets page in the Portal Builder page and save the portal asset to an archive.
  • D: Connect JDeveloper to the Portal server and edit the asset online.


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