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Exam Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-414
File Name Oracle.actualtests.1z0-414.2018-07-03.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted July 03, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which tool is used to set up DFS target shares coming from a ZFS Storage Appliance?

  • A: File Server Management Console from a Windows 2003R2 server with the File Server Role enabled
  • B: Computer Management Console from a Windows 2003R2 server with the Domain Controller Role enabled
  • C: ZFS Storage Appliance Command-Line Interface
  • D: ZFS Storage Appliance Web Console

Question 2
Which two maintenance workflows does the Oracle ZFS Storage plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid controller provide?

  • A: Add agents for Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring.
  • B: Configure for Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring.
  • C: Unconfigure for Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring.
  • D: Assign agents for Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring pool.

Question 3
Which is the most effective metric for identifying performance issues?

  • A: Latency
  • B: IOPS
  • C: Throughput
  • D: Percent utilization
  • E: Capacity

Question 4
Which three statements are true about Cluster Configuration of ZFS Storage Appliances?

  • A: In Cluster environment, only one node at a time can be the owner of each storage pool.
  • B: To utilize resource of both nodes simultaneously, you need at least two storage pools: one that maps to node1 and another that maps to node2.
  • C: Read SSD is in head node, so cached data will not fail over to another node. Warm-up time is required after failover in order to cache the data again.
  • D: In Cluster environment, only one controller can be assigned resources.

Question 5
Which two properties are available when creating alerts based on statistics from Analytics?

  • A: Threshold
  • B: Baseline: distance from
  • C: Reset: limit
  • D: Timing: for at least

Question 6
Which two protocols are required when implementing HCC?

  • A: dNFS
  • B: iSCSI
  • C: FC
  • D: NFS

Question 7
Identify three valid thresholds used by the Status Dashboard.

  • A: Monsoon
  • B: Rainy
  • C: Cat-5 Hurricane
  • D: Sunny
  • E: Thunderstorm
  • F: Typhoon

Question 8
Which option is true when allocating and verifying storage?

  • A: For expandable systems, JBODs can be allocated as "quarter/1 "half/1 or "whole."
  • B: In general, half JBODs are the preferred unit for managing storage, but quarter JBODs can be used where storage needs are small.
  • C: The allocation of hot spares depends on the storage profile chosen (for example, striped).
  • D: All devices must be connected and functioning before continuing past the verification step.

Question 9
Which configuration provides maximum availability and performance?

  • A: Triple parity RAID
  • B: Triple mirrored
  • C: Triple striped
  • D: Quad parity
  • E: Quad parity with mirroring

Question 10
In which section of the Browser User Interface (BUI) can a storage administrator create snapshots?

  • A: Shares
  • B: Configuration
  • C: Maintenance
  • D: Services


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