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Exam Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
Number 1Z0-347
File Name Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials.selftestengine.1z0-347.2018-09-02.1e.48q.vcex
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Posted September 02, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your company has a cost of change policy that changes a customer when the order is allocated, with no changes allowed after the goods are staged. 
Which fulfillment status will trigger compensation and impose charges on the customer when the sales order quantity is changed?

  • A: Backordered
  • B: Ready to Release
  • C: Released to Warehouse
  • D: Staged

Question 2
The order manager in your company likes to monitor order delivery commitments in real time for customers. 
Identify the Order Management Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) dashboard that can be used to get all possible root causes for orders that are not fulfilled on time.

  • A: Fulfillment line in Jeopardy
  • B: Orders on Backorder
  • C: Orders on Past Due
  • D: Orders in Jeopardy
  • E: Orders on Hold

Question 3
Identify two tasks that are used to set up statuses in the orchestration process configuration in the Functional Setup Manager. (Choose two.)

  • A: Manage Orchestration Status Values
  • B: Manage Task Status Condition
  • C: Manage Status Values
  • D: Manage Orchestration Status

Question 4
Which change mode takes a snapshot at the stages mentioned below:
When the orchestration process starts 
When a change order is received at an orchestration process step

  • A: Incremental
  • B: Simple
  • C: None
  • D: Advanced

Question 5
In which fulfillment process does a specific sales order demand trigger a supply creation, and a firm link is established between the sales order and the supply?

  • A: Consignment order
  • B: Internal Transfer
  • C: Configure to order
  • D: Back-to-back
  • E: Drop Ship

Question 6
Your company is in the business of selling kitchen appliances. 
Which three entities can you include while defining pricing rules that control how Oracle Pricing Cloud calculates the price for each time? (Choose three.)

  • A: Shipping change lists
  • B: Discount List
  • C: Pricing Profile
  • D: Pricing Strategy
  • E: Cost List

Question 7
Your company wants to notify the external system when there is a high possibility that an order is going to be delayed. 
Which four steps are required to invoke the external system connector to notify that an order is going to be delayed? (Choose four.)

  • A: Set up the Jeopardy threshold for the orchestration process task.
  • B: Set up the lead time for the orchestration steps in the orchestration process definition.
  • C: Register the web service connector.
  • D: Create a routing rule for the orchestration process task.
  • E: Enable a business event trigger point for Jeopardy and associate the connector.
  • F: Set up the Use Defined Lead time in the Available To Promise Rule.

Question 8
Your company wants to define different status conditions for fulfillment lines that have different categories assigned to a single orchestration process in Order Management Cloud. 
Which two configurations would you perform to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A: Define a fulfillment line status rule set for each category.
  • B: Create a unique step for each category and assign different “next expected task statuses.”
  • C: Define orchestration process status values for each category.
  • D: Assign the status catalog to the orchestration process.

Question 9
Which two statements are true about the functional capabilities of Oracle Cloud Configurator? (Choose two.)

  • A: For users who do not have access to Oracle Fusion Product Hub, Oracle provides an alternative option to create models directly in the workspace area.
  • B: Only the optional structure and attributes of a Product Item are imported from Product Hub to Configurator and not the mandatory elements because they cannot be configured by an end user.
  • C: Multiple drafts of the same model can be modified at the same time, but they must be in different workspaces.
  • D: The user interface pages are tightly connected to the model. You cannot add, delete, or reorder pages without affecting the model structure.

Question 10
Which three mandatory setups must be performed so that a purchase request is created for sales orders that will be fulfilled by a drop ship supplier? (Choose three.)

  • A: Specify the preparer name in the Order Management parameters.
  • B: Select the Customer Sales Order Fulfillment check box under the Procurement offering.
  • C: Create a business rule in Supply Chain Orchestration.
  • D: Define a sourcing rule of type Buy with a supplier and supplier site.
  • E: Select the check box “Use Customer sales order” in the Group Requisitions section in the blanket purchase agreement.



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