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Exam Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
Number 1Z0-347
File Name Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials.Pass4sures.1z0-347.2019-01-03.1e.45q.vcex
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Posted January 03, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your company is importing orders from an e-commerce system where a sales order is created for a laptop. The ship-to-site of the customer determines the type of power cord to be shipped along with the laptop. 
How will you enrich the sales order during import to append the item number corresponding to the particular model of the power cord?

  • A: Create an External Interface Routing Rule.
  • B: Create a Compensation Pattern Rule.
  • C: Create a Pre Transformation Rule.
  • D: Create a Post Transformation Rule.
  • E: Create a Product Transformation Rule.

Question 2
Your company has a warehouse that is classified as two different zones to enforce allocation and picking from only one subinventory at a time. The business has a contract with a specific outbound logistics carrier to deliver all orders for a particular customer zone or postal code. 
How do you release orders that are scheduled to be fulfilled from a particular subinventory and delivered through a specific carrier? 


  • A: Define pick wave release rules specifying the shipment method and the subinventory on the Demand Selection Criteria tab.
  • B: Define a release sequence rule using the attribute as subinventory.
  • C: Use a picking rule specifying the pickling order for the subinventory.
  • D: Define pick wave release rules specifying the shipment method and pick from a subinventory under the Options tab.
  • E: Define a release sequence rule using the attribute as shipment priority.

Question 3
Which Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence subject area should you use to build an online custom port that shows the number of orchestration orders for a selected orchestration process status?

  • A: Distributed Order Orchestration  Order Lines Real Time
  • B: Distributed Order Orchestration  Fulfillment Lines Real Time
  • C: Distributed Order Orchestration  Process Instances Real Time
  • D: Distributed Order Orchestration  Process Instances

Question 4
Identify the Order Management configuration setup that must be performed by a system administrator in order to define an external source system connector. 

  • A: The source system needs to be called by using the web service from Cloud Order Management.
  • B: The source systems link needs to be registered in Manage Web Service.
  • C: The connector service needs to be registered by using Manage Web Service.
  • D: The source system needs to be registered in Manage Web Service.

Question 5
You are using the Check Availability feature to explore alternative ways of promising a batch of five fulfillment lines in simulation mode. 
Which three attributes can you change to explore other promising options? (Choose three.)

  • A: Requested Quantity
  • B: Requested Ship-from warehouse
  • C: Requested shipping method
  • D: Allow substitute items
  • E: Requested ship date
  • F: Scheduled ship date

Question 6
Your company has a cost of change policy that changes a customer when the order is allocated, with no changes allowed after the goods are staged. 
Which fulfillment status will trigger compensation and impose charges on the customer when the sales order quantity is changed?

  • A: Backordered
  • B: Ready to Release 
  • C: Released to Warehouse
  • D: Staged

Question 7
The order manager in your company likes to monitor order delivery commitments in real time for customers. 
Identify the Order Management Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) dashboard that can be used to get all possible root causes for orders that are not fulfilled on time.

  • A: Fulfillment line in Jeopardy
  • B: Orders on Backorder
  • C: Orders on Past Due
  • D: Orders in Jeopardy
  • E: Orders on Hold

Question 8
Which change mode takes a snapshot at the stages mentioned below:
When the orchestration process starts 
When a change order is received at an orchestration process step

  • A: Incremental
  • B: Simple
  • C: None
  • D: Advanced 

Question 9
In which fulfillment process does a specific sales order demand trigger a supply creation, and a firm link is established between the sales order and the supply?

  • A: Consignment order
  • B: Internal Transfer
  • C: Configure to order
  • D: Back-to-back 
  • E: Drop Ship

Question 10
Your company is in the business of selling kitchen appliances. 
Which three entities can you include while defining pricing rules that control how Oracle Pricing Cloud calculates the price for each time? (Choose three.) 

  • A: Shipping change lists
  • B: Discount List
  • C: Pricing Profile
  • D: Pricing Strategy
  • E: Cost List


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