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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1z0-345
Exam Name: Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
Date: Oct 02, 2019
File Size: 679 KB

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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are working on a new Policy Automation interview that will load and save data into Service Cloud. You set your Data Mapping Settings to connect to the Service Cloud instance and are using the Data | Output Mapping view in Policy Modeling to create the entities and attributes you want to work with. 
You notice that the field “Name” has a red asterisk next to it. 
What two statements are correct about what the red asterisk indicates? 
  1. You must save a value of this attribute into Service Cloud.
  2. The values for this attribute come from a value list.
  3. This field is required by Service Cloud.
  4. This attribute must be used as the identifying attribute for the entity.
  5. This attribute is currently the identifying attribute for the entity.
  6. This attribute is not yet collected on a screen. 
  7. You must infer this attribute.
  8. You must collect this attribute.
  9. You must load a value of this attribute from Service Cloud.
Correct answer: AF
Reference: (383)
Reference: (383)
Question 2
Which two statements are true regarding the use of logical connectors in rules?
  1. A rule may use both “and” and “or” connectors to link conditions for the same conclusion.
  2. If a Boolean conclusion uses three conditions joined by “and” connectors, the conclusion is true if at least one condition is satisfied.
  3. The “and” connector may be used at multiple condition levels within the same rule.
  4. The “or” connector increases the number of conditions that must be met for a conclusion to be satisfied.
Correct answer: AC
Question 3
You are instructed to create a very simple interview with a minimal number of elements. 
Which three elements must be included in an interview?
  1. at least one Submit button
  2. at least one stage
  3. at least one goal
  4. at least one entity collect
  5. at least one screen
  6. at least one label 
Correct answer: ACE
Question 4
Which two statements are correct about using Collaboration on a Policy Modeling project?
  1. Collaboration improves productivity in a multiuser environment by incorporating and merging certain changes made by different users.
  2. Collaboration prevents any charge from being reverted before upload, thus ensuring only valid versions are uploaded.
  3. Collaboration should be used when there are multiple users working on a project at the same time, because it avoids conflicts between user changes by immediately being aware of areas that others are working on.
  4. Collaboration does not allow reuse of a project’s assets, because projects stored in the repository cannot be reused as project inclusions in other policy modeling projects.
  5. Collaboration reduces the productivity of policy authoring for any project with more than one person.
Correct answer: CD
Question 5
Which two statements about Policy Automation mobile interviews are correct?
  1. OPA Mobile interviews must be defined and deployed separately from web interviews.
  2. OPA Mobile interviews can be used when the mobile device has no internet connection.
  3. OPA Mobile interviews must be downloaded from a special Policy Automation Hub.
  4. OPA Mobile applications require iOS devices.
  5. OPA Mobile applications can be customized using the OPA Mobile SDK.
Correct answer: CE
Question 6
Which action creates a shared version of a project for two policy modelers to work on together?
  1. Project tab | Deploy snapshot
  2. Project tab | Inclusions | Add
  3. Project tab | Share a copy of this project
  4. Project tab | Add project to repository
  5. Project tab | Upload changes
  6. Project tab | Open project from Hub
Correct answer: B
Question 7
After deploying a new version of a policy model to production on the Policy Automation Hub, you have been advised there is a problem and you need to roll back to a previous version.  
Using the minimum number of steps, what instructions would you give your Hub Administrator to achieve this?
  1. Go the Repository page in the hub, click the policy model and delete the current version.
  2. Go the Deployments page in the hub, click the policy model and delete the current version.
  3. Go the Repository page in the hub, click the policy model, click Activate on the previous version.
  4. Go the Deployments page in the hub, click the policy model, click Activate on the previous version.
  5. Download the previous version from the Hub, open it in Policy Modeling and then upload and deploy it directly from Policy Modeling.
  6. Go the Deployments page in the hub, click the policy model and select Deactivate from the Actions menu.
Correct answer: BD
Question 8
Which five functions can a user with the single role of Hub Administrator access?
  1. deploying a project snapshot
  2. disabling another user’s account
  3. changing web service API access
  4. deactivating a deployed project
  5. changing their own password
  6. creating a web service connection
  7. downloading Oracle Policy Modeling
  8. adding a project to a repository
Correct answer: BCDEH
Question 9
Which three options will result in an error due to incorrect use of grouping operators? 
  1. Option A
  2. Option B
  3. Option C
  4. Option D
  5. Option E
  6. Option F
Correct answer: ACF
Question 10
Which two statements comply with the principles for writing Boolean attributes in Policy Modeling?
  1. the product manufacture date
  2. the employee is eligible for retirement
  3. the customer order does not qualify for free shipping
  4. nobody attended the team meeting
  5. the applicant has provided proof of their identity and signed the declaration
Correct answer: CE

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