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Exam Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: Payables 2016 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-334
File Name Oracle.Test-king.1z0-334.v1-0.2017-12-01.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted December 01, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You need to enter a high volume of users into the system. What is Oracle’s recommendation to do this?

  • A: Use the Enter a Supplier user interface and enter each user manually.
  • B: Use the Hire an Employee user interface and enter each user manually.
  • C: Use the spreadsheet templates available in Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) and then import users into Cloud Applications.
  • D: use the spreadsheet of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) to import users.

Question 2
Identify three scenarios where you are not allowed to cancel an invoice. 

  • A: An accounting entry has been created for the invoice.
  • B: The invoice was adjusted by a credit or a debit memo.
  • C: The invoice is validated.
  • D: The invoice is fully or partially paid.
  • E: Prepayments were applied to the invoice.

Question 3
An installment meets all of the selection criteria of a Payment Process Request but it still did not get selected for payment processing. Identify two reasons for this.

  • A: The pay-through date is in a closed Payables period.
  • B: The pay-through date is in a future period.
  • C: The invoices need revalidation.
  • D: The invoice has not been accounted.
  • E: The installment was manually removed.

Question 4
You have 10 ledgers and 30 business units and want to leverage Preference Data Sets. What is the function of Reference Data Sets?

  • A: allow you to secure data by business unit
  • B: allow you to assign multiple business units to users in a shared service center
  • C: allow you to maintain sets of related data in a Data Dictionary
  • D: allow you to share reference data, such as payment terms, across multiple business units to avoid redundant setup

Question 5
Which dashboard or workarea displays the Scanned Invoices region for invoices processed through the Payables Integrated Imaging solution?

  • A: C-level executives
  • B: Manage Invoices page
  • C: Payables Dashboard only
  • D: Invoices Workarea only
  • E: Payables Dashboard and Invoices Workarea

Question 6
You have created an approval rule as follows:
Rule 1: If the invoice amount > $1000, route it to User 1.
Rule 2: If the invoice amount < $1000, auto approve it.
Now, the user creates an invoice for $1000 and routes it for approval. What will happen?

  • A: Invoice will be sent to User 1 for approval.
  • B: Invoice will be auto-approved.
  • C: Invoice will not be processed.
  • D: The system will issue an error message after the approval has been initiated.

Question 7
Which two statements are true about processing corporate card expenses?

  • A: Card transactions will be paid directly from Expenses Cloud.
  • B: Conversion rate defaults are applicable to corporate card expenses, just as they are applicable to cash expenses.
  • C: Conversion rate defaults apply only to cash expenses, not to corporate card expenses.
  • D: You can process payment for credit card using Electronic funds transfer, check, or wire.
  • E: Usage policy for expense category tolerances does not apply to credit card expenses.

Question 8
When creating a check payment, from where is the payment document defaulted? 

  • A: Supplier
  • B: Legal Entity
  • C: Business Unit
  • D: Bank
  • E: Bank Account

Question 9
You have created your first implementation project. You have assigned the Application Implementation Consultant role to your user. However, you are unable to create and add roles to users in Oracle Identity Management (OIM). 
This issue is caused because you did not assign the ________.

  • A: Superuser role to your user
  • B: IT Security Manager role to your user
  • C: Application Implementation Manager role to your user
  • D: Line Manager role to your user

Question 10
While entering an expense report for your corporate card transactions, you notice that the conversion rate defined in the Manage Conversion Rates and Policies page is not used. 
What is the reason?

  • A: Only cash transactions use those settings.
  • B: You did not define conversion rates for your business unit.
  • C: You did not define conversion rates in the General Ledger Cloud.
  • D: You did not specify a default expense template.



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