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Exam Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-325
File Name Oracle.PracticeDumps.1z0-325.2018-02-23.1e.80q.vcex
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Posted February 23, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are working with a client to set up a new chat channel for their agents. Which four features would you configure in the chat workspace options? (Choose four.)

  • A: Wrap Up Time.
  • B: Prompt the agent to enter wrap up mode.
  • C: Set Absent Interval for how long to wait without a response.
  • D: Set the queue wait time interval.
  • E: Create/associate related incident at the beginning of chat.
  • F: Set Status to Solved for incidents created automatically.
  • G: Set the Warning time for when to notify an agent when a response is received.

Question 2
Your customer wants to set CI_HOURS to 720 but they don't want to notify customers when the incident status automatically changes. 
Which Contact Email Message should be turned off?

  • A: Incident Solved
  • B: Incident Waiting
  • C: Incident Closed
  • D: Incident Unresolved
  • E: Question Receipt
  • F: Rule Email

Question 3
Your customer would like to automatically create incidents for any comments created on Social Media sites. 
Which two Social Media options are available to create incidents in Oracle Service Cloud? (Choose two.)

  • A: Google Plus Comments
  • B: Instagram Comments
  • C: Facebook Public Personal Page Comments
  • D: Twitter Public Comments
  • E: YouTube Comments
  • F: Twitter Private Messages
  • G: Facebook Fan Page Comments

Question 4
Your customer wants agents to respond to specific product questions in a uniform manner. 
They interact with their customers through the customer portal, chat, and email. Some of the responses can be automated, so you set these responses as standard text. 
Which three standard text types can you use? (Choose three.)

  • A: Category Text
  • B: Chat URL
  • C: Incident Text
  • D: Chat Text
  • E: Product Text
  • F: Answer Text
  • G: Rule Text
  • H: End User Text

Question 5
Your customer would like to run incident reports with up to five years of data on incidents and activity for a given agent regardless of whether an agent has left the company. 
Your customer reuses licenses after staff members leave the company and will need to continue that practice. 
Your customer is not sure what they need to do to keep from deleting data for agents that have left the company. 
Identify which option would allow your customer to administer the staff accounts to enable the reporting abilities they require.

  • A: Disabled from Assignment
  • B: Disabled from Assignment and Report Filters
  • C: Permanently Disabled
  • D: Do not disable, but lock the staff account.
  • E: Reassign the old incidents to another staff account called Former Employee.

Question 6
Your customer has а single Service Level Agreement and applies the Service Level Agreement called Reseller when a contact is a reseller of their services. 
These end customers often have their own ticketing system, and in order to capture the reseller's ticket number, the customer has requested that their Ask page be updated to include an External Ticket Number custom field only when the logged in contact has a Service Level Agreement that only a reseller would have. 
Which two widgets or tags are used to complete your customer's request? (Choose two.)

  • A: Use the “FormInput” widget.
  • B: Use the “Conditional” tag with an “sla” attribute.
  • C: Use the “FormInputCustom” widget.
  • D: Use the “FormSubmit” widget.
  • E: Use the “Field” tag with the “name” attribute.

Question 7
A customer wants to change the following text on the receipt and ask submit page:
“Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up:#120728-000001
A member of our support team will get back to you soon. 
If you need to update your question and you already have an account, log in, click the Your Account tab, and select the question to open and update it.” 
Which two actions will allow you to identify the correct message base item if you did not know which message base you need to edit? (Choose two.)

  • A: Submit an incident to customer care.
  • B: Look for the message in the receipt email body.
  • C: Identify the customer portal page that includes the text you want to change and identify the message base from within the code.
  • D: Run a message base report and search for the text string you want to change.

Question 8
You have set up a business rule auto response with standard text to send an email to customers when they select specific categories while asking a question on the customer portal page. 
When you activate the new business rule, your standard text for the email starts showing up with the Smart Assistant responses on the customer portal when a customer is submitting a question. 
How do you resolve this?

  • A: Update the business rule that sends the auto response to “If Incidents.category not equal Smart Assistant.”
  • B: Change the business rule that creates the Smart Assistant Response to “If Incident.Source equals Ask a Question.”
  • C: Change the business rule that creates the auto response to “If Incident.Source equals Ask a Question.”
  • D: Change the business rule that creates the auto response to “If incident.source equals Ask a Question or Incident.Source equals Smart Assistant on Ask a Question.”
  • E: Change the business rule that creates the Smart Assistant Response to “If Incident.Source equals Smart Assistant on Ask a Question.”

Question 9
Which three actions must be performed to be able to configure Social Monitor? (Choose three.)

  • A: Set up a Social Monitor search schedule.
  • B: Add or update a list of favorites.
  • C: Add or update staff accounts to use profiles that include Social Monitor permissions.
  • D: Add or update profiles to include permission to add Themes and Clustering.
  • E: Add or update profiles to include Social Monitor permissions.
  • F: Add or update navigation sets to include the Social Monitor navigation button and component.

Question 10
After an implementation of a Chinese knowledge base, your customer notices there are some search terms that are not found when searching through the knowledgebase under any use case. 
You have verified that there are answers for the search terms being searched, but you also verify that answers are not being returned correctly. 
Identify the configuration change you would make to mitigate this problem.

  • A: Update answer keywords
  • B: Verify that all sections of the target answer(s) contain the search terms you're looking for.
  • C: Create hidden div tags inside the answer's question section to promote the matching of a given target search term that isn't being matched.
  • D: Create entries for the word and its syntax in the dictionary file.
  • E: Create alias and thesaurus entries with the correct target search terms.


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