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Exam Oracle EBS R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications
Number 1z0-238
File Name Oracle EBS R12-Install, Patch and Maintain Applications.PracticeTest.1z0-238.2018-10-28.1e.56q.vcex
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Posted October 28, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the default value of <CONTEXT_NAME>?

  • A: APPS_<SID>

Question 2
Which patch establishes the compatibility of the current version of Oracle Applications with the newer version of the database or technology stack component?

  • A: diagnostic
  • B: translation
  • C: new feature
  • D: intraoperability
  • E: interoperability

Question 3
Before you apply a patch, you read the readme.txt file. 
One of the areas of Oracle Applications to which the patch will be applied is JAVA_TOP. 
The readme file mentions that you may need to generate product JAR files in the AD Administration utilities after the patch is applied. 
When generating product JAR files, the AD Administration utility will prompt you with the question: Do you want to force the generation of all JAR files?
What are the three occasions when you need to force the generation of all JAR files? (Choose three.)

  • A: after changing your digital signature
  • B: after updating to a new Java version
  • C: if you find you have missing or out-of-date JAR files
  • D: if you are upgrading the Oracle Developer technology stack

Question 4
Which command can be used only with a single-node installation?

  • A: rapidwiz -restart
  • B: rapidwiz -techstack
  • C: rapidwiz -servername <myhost>
  • D: rapidwiz -silent -config <location of config.txt>

Question 5
A patch was applied successfully last night to the Oracle Applications environment to fix a bug. To check the bug fix, the Applications DBA accessed the "Bug Fixes Report." There are 1,000 files displayed in the report. The intended file for the bug fix does not appear. What should the Applications DBA do next?

  • A: Access the Timing report.
  • B: Check readme.txt for postinstallation steps.
  • C: Start the Oracle Application Manager (OAM) process.
  • D: Use the filter to reduce the number of files in the report.
  • E: Reapply the patch on the Oracle Applications environment.

Question 6
Identify three valid AD utilities for Oracle E-Business Suite R12. (Choose three.)

  • A: admail
  • B: adjkey
  • C: adident
  • D: adsplice
  • E: adcontrol
  • F: adcfgclon
  • G:

Question 7
Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

  • A: must successfully finish on the database tier first.
  • B: must successfully finish on the application tier first.
  • C: The apps password is required to run on the application tier.
  • D: The port pool information is required for running on the database tier.
  • E: The system database user password is required to run on the application tier.
  • F: can be run in any sequence. It can be run on the database tier first or on the application tier first.

Question 8
You are in the midst of applying a patch on an Oracle Applications system when AutoPatch reports that one of the workers failed and that it requires you to fix this error before proceeding. Where would you get detailed information about the cause of the worker's failure?

  • A: adpatch.lgi
  • B: adpatch.log
  • C: adwrkXXX.log
  • D: adworkXXX.log
  • E: adworkerXXX.log

Question 9
Users are encountering issues on Oracle Applications. Though they are able to log in and view their responsibilities, there are no navigable forms for the responsibilities. 
They see the following error message:
"There are no valid Navigations for this responsibility." 
There was a patch applied on the Oracle Applications environment before starting the server processes. The Applications DBA stopped all the server processes. 
What should you do to solve the error, before starting the server processes?

  • A: Enable Maintenance mode.
  • B: Disable Maintenance mode.
  • C: Regenerate the menus using adadmin.
  • D: Start the database tier listener process.
  • E: Run the AD Administration utility and generate the forms.

Question 10
Oracle Workflow provides infrastructure for the enterprise wide communication of data. This data is related to defined business events, providing capabilities needed to _____. (Choose three.)

  • A: manage concurrent processing
  • B: streamline and automate transaction flows
  • C: notify users about specific database exceptions
  • D: support standard and personalized business rules
  • E: deliver notification emails to any Oracle Applications or Internet user


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