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Exam Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Advanced Administrator II
Number 1z0-134
File Name Oracle WebLogic Server 12c-Advanced Administrator II.Prep4sure.1z0-134.2018-10-11.1e.45q.vcex
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Posted October 11, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
My JMS file store size has grown very large and is using up a significant chunk of the disk. I need to reduce the file size during the maintenance window without 
impacting any relevant information. 
Which utility enables me to do this? (Choose the best answer.) 

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D: weblogic.file.FileUtil

Question 2
Your WebLogic Server (WLS) environment consists of multiple domains. 
Which is a true statement about WLS domains? (Choose the best answer.) 

  • A: Multiple domains can use the same or separate WLS installation while running on the same machine.
  • B: Domains require a minimum of one managed server.
  • C: Multiple domains require separate WLS installations while running on the same machine.
  • D: Multiple domains require individual Node Managers while running on the same machine.
  • E: Multiple domains can share the same administration server.

Question 3
You are asked to configure Node Manager for your production environment. You are considering whether to use the Java version or the script-based version of Node Manager. 
Which statement correctly describes the difference between the two versions?

  • A: If you are installing WebLogic Server on a Windows system, you must use the Java version of Node Manager.
  • B: The script-based version of Node Manager can be used in conjunction with inetd on supported UNIX systems.
  • C: The script-based version of Node Manager requires a larger footprint than the Java version.
  • D: When Node Manager is used for consensus leasing, you may see faster performance with the script-based version.

Question 4
Your organization is using a Multi data source (MDS) on WebLogic Server to support applications connecting to an Oracle RAC database. You have been tasked with configuring a new callback handler for the MDS. 
Which two statements are true concerning related MDS options and behavior? (Choose two.)

  • A: Callback handlers are optional when using the Failover MDS Algorithm.
  • B: If the Failover Callback Handler attribute is set on the MDS, the Test Frequency attribute is no longer used.
  • C: Callback handlers are called for both failover and failback decisions.
  • D: You can register only one callback handler for each WebLogic server.

Question 5
You are managing and monitoring durable subscribers for your JMS topics to ensure that all the subscribers would receive persistent messages. 
However, JMS connections are currently restricted, so only one connection with the same client ID could exist in the scope of your cluster. 
On which page of the Administration Console can you set Client ID Policy to unrestricted in order to lift this restriction? (Choose the best answer.)

  • A: Topic > Monitoring > Durable Subscribers
  • B: Connection Factory > Configuration > Client
  • C: Topic > Configuration > Thresholds and Quotas
  • D: Topic > Configuration > Overrides
  • E: Topic > Configuration > Durable Subscribers
  • F: JMS Server > Configuration > Durable Subscribers

Question 6
Which two automatic migration scenarios require node manager for all migratable services? (Choose two.)

  • A: Consensus leasing
  • B: Database leasing with no pre and post migration scripts 
  • C: Database leasing with pre and post migration scripts
  • D: Synchronous leasing

Question 7
Which two statements are true about the role of cluster master in whole server migration? (Choose two.)

  • A: There is exactly one cluster master in the cluster at a given point of time.
  • B: The cluster master must host all the pinned services in the cluster.
  • C: Any managed server in the cluster can serve as the cluster master.
  • D: A cluster master must always be different from a singleton master.
  • E: The cluster master must always be started with the node manager.

Question 8
You are trying to set up a JMS Session with a specified acknowledgment mode. You want the application that receives the message to explicitly take care of the acknowledgment. 
Which option represents a valid choice for the acknowledgment mechanism that you can use? (Choose the best answer.) 


Question 9
You created a script to monitor your WebLogic Server WLS Execute Thread:


Here is a message in your ExecuteThread.log file:


What is the value of xxxx if the thread has been running a request for twenty minutes, assuming a default configuration? 

  • C: STUCK
  • F: ADMIN

Question 10
A current production WebLogic Server (WLS) domain needs to be upgraded without affecting the users. What are the five steps to follow for a Rolling Update? 
(Choose five.)

  • A: Back up the contents of your domain.
  • B: Use pack and unpack to upgrade each of the servers in the machine.
  • C: Shut down the servers in a single machine.
  • D: Repeat the process for all machines in the domain.
  • E: Restart the servers in the machine.
  • F: Repeat the process for all domains in the machine.
  • G: Upgrade the servers in the machine.


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