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Exam Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I
Number 1z0-133
File Name Oracle WebLogic Server 12c-Administration I.Braindumps.1z0-133.2019-04-22.1e.67q.vcex
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Posted April 22, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
As the technical lead for your project, you have been asked to recommend a new solution to handle frequently increasing loads on your applications. The Weblogic 12.1.2 domain currently runs with two clusters of three servers with request being filtered and passed by a proxy server that users the round –robin algorithm. 
However, the load sometimes exceeds the maximum capacity of all these servers combined but your domain lacks in scalability. 
What is the best implementation solution?

  • A: Add a third cluster and spread existing server instances across the clusters.
  • B: Modify the proxy server load balancing algorithm to weight based.
  • C: Configure dynamic clusters and specify the number of server instances you anticipate at needing at peak load.
  • D: Tune work managers to optimize work.
  • E: Replace the software load balancer with a hardware load balancer.

Question 2
All administrators that deal with the production domain in your organization are extremely experienced. As the lead administrator, you have been asked to change 
the administration console preferences for all administrators so that inline help no longer displays, since no one needs It. 
Select the true statement about this scenario. 

  • A: There is nothing you can do since inline help cannot be disabled.
  • B: There is nothing you can do for all users, since disabling inline help must be done per user.
  • C: Log into the administration console and disable Inline help under "help."
  • D: Access WLST, connect to the domain's admin server, and use the command enable inline help (false). 

Question 3
You plan to Install WeblLogic Server by using the generic JAR installer in silent mode.  
What are two ways to create the required response file?

  • A: First install or deinstall graphically. There is an option to save a response file.
  • B: Use the sample response file in the installation documentation as a template.
  • C: First run the Repository creation utility. There is an option to save a response file .
  • D: The response file is not required. You can answer questions interactively at the command line.
  • E: The genetic JAR installer does not have a silent mode .so you do not need a response file when using this installer.

Question 4
Your domain consists of 30 servers. You are using the Administration Console. 
Which is the quickest way to identify the servers that are in a Failed health state?

  • A: Use the Filter button from the domain’s Monitoring >Health tab.
  • B: Use the Monitoring >Health tab for each server in the domain.
  • C: Write a custom WLST script to print out failed server.
  • D: Capture a diagnostic snapshot.

Question 5
You use the Java –based Node Manager to start your managed servers. You want Node Manager to:
Stop servers by using your custom stop script:
Restart servers when the hardware cases 
Use SSL communication 
Check server heath once per second 
Below are portions of the file. Select the one that configures Node manager as described.

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:

Question 6
You are creating and configuring a cluster by using the administration console. Which two statements are true?

  • A: All servers that will be part of the cluster must be created before the cluster is created.
  • B: You must pick the cluster messaging mode.
  • C: Even though you create a non dynamic cluster, you can change it to a dynamic cluster later.
  • D: Once the cluster is created, you cannot change its messaging mode.
  • E: The administration console does not provide a way to manually migrate singleton services. It must be set up to be done automatically or by using WLST.

Question 7
One Managed Server that is part of a large domain throws java.lang.out of Memory error (OOM) occasionally. 
You have been monitoring this server with the jvisualVM tool but that didn’t help because the issue occurs infrequently and not a specific scenario. So you decided to force the server to dump the heap memory as soon as an OOM gets thrown in order to analyze the dump file later. 
How do you modify the Java HotSpot Startup command to enable this feature and save the dump in the directory D:hprof-dumps?

  • A: Add –xx:+DumpHeaponoutofmemory-xx:Dumppath=D:hprof.
  • B: Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofmemoryError-xx:Heapdumppath=D:hprof-dumps.
  • C: Add-xx:+DumpHeaponoutofmemoryError-xx:Heappath=D:hprof-dump.
  • D: Add-xx:+HeapdumponoutofMemory-xx:HeapDumppath=D:hprof-dumps.
  • E: Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofMemoryError-xx:Dumppath=Dhprof-dumps.
  • F: Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofMemoryExecepttion-xx:HeapDumppath=D:hprof-dumps.

Question 8
You are using the Administration console to monitor a resource. 
Which three techniques can you use to customize the monitoring output?

  • A: Sort the rows by a specific column.
  • B: Limit the number of rows displayed.
  • C: Change the order of the displayed columns.
  • D: Views the rows from a specific time range.
  • E: Combine (add) multiple columns together.

Question 9
You are working for a software company that mostly dealt with creating and reusing C++ and. NET objects. There are many COM (Component Object Model) components that have been created over time that provide standardized functionalities. Recently, platform independence has become a major consideration for your organization and you have deployed WebLogic server12c.But you would like to make use of some of your prebuilt COM objects for request processing. You need an interim solution before implementing web services. 
Which artifact within WebLogic server helps you achieve your objective?

  • A: Messaging Bridge
  • B: IDL Mapper
  • C: jCOM
  • D: XML Registry
  • E: COM2 Java

Question 10
Your server includes an application that users a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database. However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100% reliable. Identify two data source attributes that, if set properly can help avoid situations in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection.

  • A: Statement Cache Type
  • B: Pool Reserve Mode
  • C: Test Table Name
  • D: Test Connection Mode
  • E: Test Connections on Reserve


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