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Exam Oracle Procurement Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials
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File Name Oracle Procurement Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials.PremDumps.1Z0-1065-20.2021-01-10.1e.108q.vcex
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are setting up Oracle Cloud Sourcing. You would like participants to provide Insurance and Freight cost for the quotation/RFQ (Request For Quotation) lines. Identify the configuration that will fulfill this requirement.

  • A: Add Cost Factors for Freight and Insurance
  • B: Personalize the negotiation UI (User Interface) to add the Freight and Insurance attributes.
  • C: Add negotiation lines separately to capture Freight and Insurance.
  • D: Define a negotiation style and enable DFF (Descriptive FlexField) for Freight and Insurance

Question 2
Your customer requires that a consignment order should automatically get created whenever a self- service requester creates a purchase requisition. 
Identify the setup required to fulfill this requirement.

  • A: Select the "Source from consignment" check box and set "Urgent" to "Yes" during requisition creation through self service.
  • B: Assign all the requisition line to the consignment buyer.
  • C: Enable all the requisition line items to be sourced from the consignment source.
  • D: Create a consignment agreement with touchless buying options enabled in the Controls tab to automatically generate orders.

Question 3
A customer wants to be able to see the recoverable and non recoverable components of inclusive taxes in addition to existing exclusive taxes on purchase orders. In the Manage Configuration Owner Tax task, which option can achieve this?

  • A: Enable the Supplier Inclusive Tax for Calculated Tax option, for purchase orders.
  • B: Enable the Allow Supplier Tax Variance Calculated Tax option for purchase orders.
  • C: Enable the Inclusive Treatment for Calculated Tax option for purchase orders.
  • D: Enable the Enforce Calculated Tax from Reference Document option for purchase orders.
  • E: Enable the Exclusive Treatment for Calculated Tax option for purchase orders.

Question 4
Identify two control option that are enabled when a buyer selects the `Group requisition lines' field while creating a Blanket Purchase Agreement. (Choose two.)

  • A: Group requisitions
  • B: Apply price updates to existing orders
  • C: Use need-by date
  • D: Automatically submit for approval
  • E: Use ship-to organization and location

Question 5
Identify three profile options that are used to configure Self Service Procurement. (Choose three.)


Question 6
While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template to it, but the List of Values (VOL) is empty. 
Identify three applicable reasons for this issue.

  • A: The Contract Template is in `Approved' status. 
  • B: The document type associated with the Contract Template is `Purchase Order'.
  • C: The document type associated with the Contract Template is `Contract Purchase Agreement'.
  • D: The Contract Template is not `Approved'.
  • E: The document type associated with the Contract Template is `Blanket Purchase Agreement'.

Question 7
You are creating a Purchase Order based on the style `Cloud Purchasing Style'. While entering a Purchase Order line, you find that the line type named GOODS is available but the line type named LINE does not appear. Identify a reason for this behavior.

  • A: The line type LINE is not among the selected line types for the document style `Cloud Purchasing Style'.
  • B: The Goods check box is not checked for the Purchase Bases field of the Commodities option in the `Create Document Style' task.
  • C: The status of the `Cloud Purchasing Style' is not Active.
  • D: Display Name for the Purchase Order is not set in the `Create Document Style' task.

Question 8
While configuring offerings, you had deselected the "Supply Chain Financial Orchestration of Procurement Flows" check box and had locked the feature. However, because of changes in the business requirements, you are required to enable the feature. Identify the prerequisite step to perform this change.

  • A: Navigate to the "Select Feature Choices" page of the Procurement Offering and unlock the feature.
  • B: Set the implementation status to "In Progress" of the Procurement Offering.
  • C: Change the Provisioned to "No" of the Procurement Offering.
  • D: Deselect the "Enable for Implementation" check box of the Procurement Offering.

Question 9
You have defined your negotiation style and named it `ABC negotiation style'. Subsequently, you try to add collaboration team members on a negotiation that is based on the `ABC negotiation style' and find that the `Collaboration Team' field is disabled. Identify the cause.

  • A: The `Requirements and Instructions' checkbox is unchecked in the style.
  • B: The `Collaboration Team' checkbox is unchecked in the style.
  • C: Cost factors are not set up for negotiations for participants, causing no collaboration to negotiate cost.
  • D: Online collaboration is visible only to the Requisition Preparer.

Question 10
What is required to make data available in Oracle Procurement Cloud Transactional Business Intelligence graphs?

  • A: Configure the Extract Transform and Load tool and data will be populated in real time.
  • B: Schedule concurrent requests to run every hour.
  • C: No need to schedule anything; data will be populated in real time.
  • D: Schedule ESS jobs to run according to customer requirements. 


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