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Exam Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2020 Implementation Essentials
Number 1Z0-1054-20
File Name Oracle Financials Cloud-General Ledger 2020 Implementation Essentials.PremDumps.1Z0-1054-20.2021-01-09.1e.66q.vcex
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Posted January 09, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which tool can you use to create a Financial Income Statement?

  • A: One View Reporting
  • B: PS/nVision
  • C: Account Inspector
  • D: Rapid Implementation Enterprise Structures setup

Question 2
Which feature outside of reporting and analysis leverages the Essbase cube?

  • A: revaluations and translation to revalue and translate currencies stored in the Essbase cube
  • B: calculation manager to perform allocations based on multidimensional balances and budgets
  • C: period closing and opening of ledgers to keep General Ledger Cloud and the Essbase cubes in sync
  • D: journal entries and journal approval to create journals that update balances to the cube directly

Question 3
Which reporting tool is best suited for submitting high-volume transactional reports, such as Invoice Registers or Trial Balance reports, that can be configured to extract the data in Rich Text Format or xml?

  • A: Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • B: Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)
  • C: Financial Reporting Center 
  • D: Smart View
  • E: Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

Question 4
You want to process multiple allocations at the same time. What feature do you use?

  • A: RuleSets
  • B: Formulas
  • C: General Ledger journal entries
  • D: Point of View (POV) 

Question 5
Your company has complex consolidation requirements with multiple general ledger instances. You are using Oracle Hyperion Financial Management to consolidate the disparate General Ledgers. You can typically map segments between your general ledger segment to a Hyperion Financial Management segment, such as Company to Entity, Department to Department, and Account to Account. What happens to segments in your source general ledger, such as Program, that cannot be mapped to Hyperion Financial Management?

  • A: Data is summarized across segments that are not mapped to Hyperion Financial Management
  • B: The unmapped segments default to future use segments in Hyperion Financial Management
  • C: No data is transferred
  • D: Errors occur for unmapped segments. You must map multiple segments from source general ledgers to the target segment in Hyperion Financial Management

Question 6
All of your subsidiaries can share the same ledger with their parent company and all reside on the same application instance. 
They do perform intercompany accounting. What is Oracle's recommended approach to performing consolidations?

  • A: Use General Ledger's Financial Reporting functionality to produce consolidated reports by balancing segment where each report represents a different subsidiary. Any eliminating entries can be entered in yet another separate balancing segment
  • B: Use Oracle Hyperion Financial Management for this type of complex consolidation
  • C: Use General Ledger's Balance Transfer programs to transfer subsidiary ledger balances to the parent ledger, and then enter eliminating entries as a separate balancing segment in the parent ledger.
  • D: Define multiple ledgers for consolidation and report on ledger set

Question 7
You want to define an allocation rule where segment values are constants for rules and formulas. What should you do?

  • A: Never use the Outer Point of View (POV)
  • B: Always use the Outer Point of View (POV)
  • C: Specify Run Time Prompts (RTP)
  • D: Only specify segment values in formulas

Question 8
You are creating financial statements and want to have charts, such as a bar graph, automatically inserted to improve the understanding financial results. How would you achieve this?

  • A: Use Smart View, which is an Excel Add-on
  • B: Use Account Inspector that automatically creates graphs on financial balances
  • C: When viewing the report, download to Excel and use Excel's Charting features to create your bar graph
  • D: When designing your financial statement using Financial Report (FR), embed a chart into your report 

Question 9
Identify three roles that get access to the reports in the Fusion Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS). (Choose three.)

  • A: Controller
  • B: General Accountant
  • C: General Accountant Manager
  • D: Business Intelligence Administrator (BI Admin)
  • E: Financial Analyst

Question 10
You want to monitor the close process of all your financial subledgers and ledgers. How can you quickly obtain this information?

  • A: Use the Manage Accounting Periods page to view the status of all subledgers and ledgers
  • B: Access each subledgers' calendar and General Ledger's Manage Accounting Periods page to view the status of each period
  • C: Run Closing Status reports
  • D: Use Close Monitor in General Accounting Dashboard


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