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Exam Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials
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File Name Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials.dump4pass.1Z0-1046-20.2021-08-17.1e.107q.vcex
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Posted August 17, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You hired a female employee on January 1, 2015. This employee got married on June 12, 2015. You received a request from the employee on July 11, 2015 to change her last name from the date of her marriage. You changed the last name of theemployee as requested on the same day. 
What effective start date for this new employee is displayed by the system as of August 15, 2015?

  • A: January 1, 2015
  • B: June 12, 2015
  • C: July 11, 2015
  • D: August 15, 2015

Question 2
If multiple people update a performance rating for a competency on a worker's profile, what is used to provide a unique identifier for each instance of the competency so what you can determine who provided what rating?

  • A: educational establishment
  • B: rating model
  • C: content subscriber
  • D: instance qualifier
  • E: content library

Question 3
An organization has multiple legal entities that need to be registered with more than one jurisdiction. Also, legal authority information needs to be printed on statutory reports. 
As an Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud implementation consultant, which three options must you be aware of while defining legal jurisdiction and authorities for this organization? (Choose three.)

  • A: Because there are multiple registrations, at least one jurisdiction must be defined as the identifying jurisdiction.
  • B: When a legal entity is created, one legal reporting unit is automatically created for that legal entity with a registration.
  • C: Income tax jurisdiction needs to be created to report income tax to the legal authority.
  • D: Legal authorities are mandatory in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud.
  • E: Legal authorities are defined in Enterprise Structure Configurator.

Question 4
An employee starts employment with her company in France next month. She was employed by the enterprise in the United States for several years, but resigned two years ago. Identify the correct statement about the person number for the employee.

  • A: The employee has a person record with the enterprise so she will continue with the same person number.
  • B: The employee gets a new person number for her employment in France if the legal employer sequence is used for person number.
  • C: The employee continues with her old person number if global sequence is used for person number.
  • D: The employee's new person number will be her previous number suffixed by -1.

Question 5
As an HR Administrator, you are responsible for entering Pending workers into Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud. 
Identify the three options that are correct for the Pending worker.

  • A: A person number is associated with a Pending Worker.
  • B: An employee number is associated with a Pending Worker.
  • C: A person who already has a person record cannot be a Pending Worker.
  • D: This is a person for whom you create a person record that is effective before the hire date.

Question 6
During implementation, a two-tier employment model - multiple assignment has been set up. Now the client wants to store contract information. 
Which statement is true about changing the employment model setting after implementation? 

  • A: The client change from any two-tier option to another at any point of time, irrespective of the existence of work relationships.
  • B: If employees exists within the enterprise and legal employer the person model setting changed as there are not contract options that support a contract with multiple assignment.
  • C: The client can have both: a two-tier multiple assignment employment model can remain for its existing employees, and a two-tier multiple contracts single assignment can be created to hire new employees with the same legal employer.
  • D: The client cannot move form a two-tier multiple assignment to two-tier single contract and single assignment after implementation.

Question 7
Action Type identifies the type of business process associated with an action and determines what happens when you select that Action. As part of implementing Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud, Action Types are associated with Actions. 
Which two statements are correct regarding Action types? (Choose two.)

  • A: Additional Action types can be created.
  • B: An Action type cannot be associated with user-defined actions.
  • C: Action types are seeded.
  • D: Every Action type can have multiple actions within it.
  • E: If Termination is an action, Normal Termination is an action type.

Question 8
You are implementing the Enterprise Checklist functionality for one of your customers. The customer wants certain checklist tasks allocated to the employee automatically before their hire date. What should you do to achieve the required functionality?

  • A: Associated the area of responsibility with the checklist template to allocate the checklist to persons automatically when they are given the specific area of responsibility.
  • B: The worker must be added as a Pending Worker and the enterprise or step checklist need to be tied to the Add a Pending Worker action.
  • C: Associate a life event with the checklist template to allocate the checklist to persons automatically when they experience the event.
  • D: Managers can automatically allocate checklist templates to the persons whom they manage from the Onboarding work area.
  • E: Associate the eligibility profile with the checklist template to allocate the checklist to persons automatically when they satisfy the criteria built in the eligibility profile.

Question 9
Select three correct Workforce Structure definitions. (Choose three.)

  • A: Department
  • B: Location
  • C: Division
  • D: Geography
  • E: Facility
  • F: Country

Question 10
You are an HR specialist and want to add new values to a lookup. You have access to the specific work area, but are unable to perform the activity. 
Identify the correct statement about this.

  • A: You can access the task for profile options from the Setup and Maintenance menu.
  • B: You cannot add new lookup codes and meanings to the existing lookup types.
  • C: You can create new lookup types but cannot modify the existing ones.
  • D: The system administrator must enable the lookup before it is modified in the work area.
  • E: Oracle applications contain certain predefined system lookups that are locked for editing.


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