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Exam Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I
Number 1z0-102
File Name Oracle Weblogic Server 11g-System Administration I.testking.1z0-102.2018-08-24.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted August 24, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three statements are true about WebLogic clusters?

  • A: Clusters provide clients with transparent failover.
  • B: EJB applications can be targeted to an entire cluster.
  • C: All cluster members must bind to the same port number.
  • D: Cluster members replicate application data by using heartbeats.
  • E: Cluster members can be associated with one or more domains.
  • F: Web applications require a proxy in order to be used in a cluster.

Question 2
Which three statements are true when an Administration Server is compared to a managed server?

  • A: A domain must have at least one of each type of server.
  • B: Administration Server keeps a domain log, but a Managed Server does not.
  • C: A Managed Server keeps a server log, but an Administration Server does not.
  • D: When a Managed Server comes up, it asks its Administration Server for the latest configuration.
  • E: An Administration Server manages the domain configuration.
  • F: JEE applications are deployed only to a Managed Server.

Question 3
Which three tasks can be performed by the Node manager?

  • A: Start a server.
  • B: Define a node server.
  • C: Host the Node Manager console.
  • D: Automatically restart a failed server.
  • E: Kill a failed application on a server.
  • F: Kill the process of a server that did not shut down properly.

Question 4
You have successfully created a global data source and connection pool via the administration console. 
In which directory relative to the domain will this new data source and connection pool definition located?

  • A: in a directory named config/dataSource
  • B: in a directory named config/connPool
  • C: in a directory named config/resources
  • D: in a directory named config/jdbc
  • E: in a directory named config

Question 5
What is the maximum number of targets (standard or migrate) that you can configure for a JMS server?

  • A: 0
  • B: 1
  • C: 2
  • D: No limit

Question 6
You are deploying a web application called inventory.war. It has been installed and has the Stat* "Prepared." It is targeted to the Managed Server named managed1. The web application's context route is /inventory and the starting page is index.jsp 
However, you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory-war, and then select Start and "Servicing only administration requests. 
In your web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory/index.jsp. What host and port would you use?

  • A: managed, host and port
  • B: Administration Server host and port
  • C: Managed1 host and Administration port
  • D: Administration Server host and Administration port

Question 7
You deployed a simple web application WAR by using the administration console. Its state is currently "Active." 
In the administration console, under Configuration of the application, you change some deployment descriptor values. 
What happens when you save such changes?

  • A: The changes are in memory and temporary
  • B: This is not possible because changes cannot be made to an "Active" application.
  • C: You are prompted to select a location for a new deployment plan where the changes will be stored.
  • D: The archive is opened and new versions of the deployment descriptors are placed within it.

Question 8
Your server includes an application that uses a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database. However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100% reliable. 
You wish to avoid scenarios in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection. Identify two data source attributes to help accomplish this.

  • A: Statement Cache
  • B: Pool Reserve Mode
  • C: Test Table Name
  • D: Test Connection Mode
  • E: Test Connections on Reserve

Question 9
You have selected Configuration Archive Enabled for the domain. When a configuration change and activated, where is the previous version of the configuration archived?

  • A: in the Oracle database
  • B: in the config directory
  • C: in the pending directory
  • D: in the console-ext directory
  • E: in the configArchive directory

Question 10
When a typical application utilizes a JDBC data source, the process involves several steps. Identify three of these steps.

  • A: The application returns the connection to the data source.
  • B: The application looks up the data source using the JNDI name.
  • C: The application tests the connection to verify the database's availability.
  • D: The application adds a new connection to the data source if none are available.
  • E: The application requests a connection from the data source.


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