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Exam Oracle Procurement Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials
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File Name Oracle Procurement Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials.Prep4sure.1z0-1007.2019-08-28.1e.52q.vcex
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Posted August 28, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template to it, but the List of Values (LOV) is empty. 
Identify three applicable reasons for this issue. (Choose three.)

  • A: The Contract Template is in ‘Approved’ status.
  • B: The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Blanket Purchase Agreement’.
  • C: The Contract Template is not ‘Approved’.
  • D: The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Contract Purchase Agreement’.
  • E: The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Purchase Order’.

Question 2
In Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI), which subject area should you use to report on spend for purchase orders and their associated requisitions?

  • A: Procurement – Purchasing Real Time
  • B: Procurement – Procure to Pay Real Time
  • C: Procurement – Spend
  • D: Procurement – Requisitions Real Time

Question 3
You are creating a Purchase Order based on the style ‘Cloud Purchasing Style’. While entering a Purchase Order line, you find that the line type named GOODS is available but the line type named LINE does not appear. Identify a reason for this behavior.

  • A: The line type LINE is not among the selected line types for the document style ‘Cloud Purchasing Style’.
  • B: The Goods check box is not checked for the Purchase Bases field of the Commodities option in the ‘Create Document Style’ task.
  • C: The status of the ‘Cloud Purchasing Style’ is not Active.
  • D: Display Name for the Purchase Order is not set in the ‘Create Document Style’ task.

Question 4
While configuring offerings, you had deselected the “Supply Chain Financial Orchestration of Procurement Flows” check box and had locked the feature. However, because of changes in the business requirements, you are required to enable the feature. 
Identify the prerequisite step to perform this change.

  • A: Navigate to the “Select Feature Choices” page of the Procurement Offering and unlock the feature.
  • B: Set the implementation status to “In Progress” of the Procurement Offering.
  • C: Change the Provisioned to “No” of the Procurement Offering.
  • D: Deselect the “Enable for Implementation” check box of the Procurement Offering.

Question 5
Which seeded role needs to be associated with the supplier user account so that a supplier can respond to the invited negotiations? 

  • A: Supplier Bidder
  • B: Supplier Customer service representative
  • C: Supplier Contract Manager
  • D: Supplier Self Service Administrator
  • E: Supplier Sales Representative

Question 6
During Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, one of the requirements of the customer is to capture the revision history of Purchase Orders when ‘notes to receiver’ is entered or updated as part of a Change Order. Identify the setup that needs to be performed in order to capture change history when a user updates ‘notes to receiver’ as part of the Change Order.

  • A: Update the attribute ‘notes to receiver’ in Configure Requisitioning Business Function’ for the requisitioning Business Unit.
  • B: Update the attribute ‘notes to receiver’ in Common Payables and Procurement Options’ for the procurement Business Unit.
  • C: Update the attribute ‘notes to receiver’ in the Change Order template for the Purchase Order.
  • D: Update the attribute ‘notes to receiver’ in supplier site assignment for the supplier site.

Question 7
Your organization has multiple procurement business units. A Qualification manager wants to launch an initiative for assessment of suppliers. However, the manager is unable to select the qualification model that he or she defined earlier. 
Identify the cause for this behavior.

  • A: The qualification model is not yet approved.
  • B: The Qualification manager is not defined as procurement agent.
  • C: The Qualification manager does not have the “Manage Suppliers” action enabled in procurement agent definition. 
  • D: The Qualification manager has not selected the correct procurement BU.

Question 8
Identify two correct statements about Local area and Contextual areas in the common UI Shell. (Choose two.)

  • A: Local area includes components that directly affect the Contextual area.
  • B: Local area can drive the contents of the regional area and the contextual area.
  • C: Local area is the main work area and typically contains the transaction form.
  • D: Contextual area provides quick access to tools that support business process.
  • E: Contextual area can drive the contents of the local area.

Question 9
Which three business users can submit a new supplier request? (Choose three.)

  • A: Self-Service Procurement user
  • B: Supplier Administrator
  • C: Warehouse Manager
  • D: Catalog Administrator
  • E: Category Manager

Question 10
During the implementation, your customer wants to understand the key features of the two-stage Request For Quotation (RFQ) available in Oracle Sourcing Cloud. 
Identify three features of the two-stage RFQ. (Choose three.)

  • A: Open Auctions
  • B: Response Visibility Open
  • C: Technical and Commercial Evaluation
  • D: Two stage Evaluation
  • E: Response Visibility Blind
  • F: Response Visibility is always Sealed



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