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Exam Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration
Number 1z0-068
File Name Oracle.Passcertification.1z0-068.2017-12-18.1e.149q.vcex
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Posted December 18, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements are true regarding ASM Dynamic Volume manager (ADVM)?

  • A: To create an ADVM volume, disk group attributes COMAPTIBLE.ASM and COMPATIBLE.ADVM must be minimally set to 12.1.
  • B: An ADVM volume is individually named and can contain only one file system.
  • C: Only one ADVM volume can be created in an ASM disk group.
  • D: ADVM extends ASM by providing a device driver interface to storage backed by an ASM disk group.
  • E: File systems contained in ADVM volumes may only contain database files.

Question 2
Which three statements are true about ASM Cloud File System (ACFS) replication?

  • A: ACFS auditing information is replicated from the primary file system to the standby file system.
  • B: One site of an ACFS replication configuration can be host both primary and standby file systems.
  • C: Replication is automatically terminated if the primaries file system has less than 2GB free space.
  • D: Standby redo log files are required on the standby site for synchronous redo transport.
  • E: The privilege SYSREPL has been introduced for ACFS replication.

Question 3
Examine this command to create a volume in the DATA disk group:

The DATA disk group has 50GB free space. 
Which two are prerequisites for successful execution of this command?

  • A: COMAPTIBLE.ASM and COMPATIBLE.ADVM must be set to 11.2 or higher for the DATA disk group.
  • B: The DATA disk group must not be created with external redundancy.
  • C: The DATA disk group must not contain any other volume.
  • D: The DATA disk group must have at least three failure groups.
  • E: The DATA disk group must have an AU size of 1MB.

Question 4
Which two statements are true about vsam views in a clustered environment?

  • A: They exist both in ASM and RDBMS instances, and display the same output.
  • B: Their names can be seen in dict when connected to an ASM instance.
  • C: Their names can be seen in vfixed_table when connected to an instance of any type that is started.
  • D: They exist in both in ASM and RDBSM instances, but they can display different outputs depending on the instance type.
  • E: gvasm_attribute can be used to display the ASM_POWER_LIMIT attribute of all ASM instances in the cluster.

Question 5
Which two statements are true about ASM default templates?

  • A: Default data file templates are only created by ASM when a normal redundancy disk group is created.
  • B: Default template settings for redundancy depends on the disk group redundancy.
  • C: Default templates for a disk group can be modified.
  • D: Default template setting for striping depends on disk group redundancy.
  • E: Templates may be shared across disk groups.

Question 6
Which three statements are true regarding Flex ASM on a four-node cluster consisting of three-hub nodes and a leaf node?

  • A: An ASM instance and database instances can coexist on the same hub node.
  • B: A database instance on a hub node can be a client of an ASM instance running on any leaf node.
  • C: A database instance on a hub node can be a client of an ASM instance running on any hub node.
  • D: A database instance on a leaf node can be a client of an ASM instance running on any hub node.
  • E: A database instance on a hub node uses an ASM instance as an I/O server when requesting I/O to diskgroups.
  • F: ASM Cluster File System (ASFS) can only be deployed on hub nodes.

Question 7
Which two statements are true about Flex ASM in a Flex Cluster?

  • A: Oracle databases from releases older than 12c cannot use Flex ASM.
  • B: ACFS may only be configured on a hub node running an ASM instance.
  • C: Instances of ASM-based databases on hosts that have no ASM instance running, require Flex ASM.
  • D: Flex ASM requires that I/Os requests be sent through an ASM Proxy Instance, regardless of database and ASM instance placement in a cluster.
  • E: Hub nodes with connections from multiple leaf nodes must run an ASM instance.

Question 8
A directory +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/USERS exists in ASM. 
USERS is a user created directory; ORCL and DATAFILE are system generated directories. 
Which two statements are true about user-created directories?

  • A: You can create subdirectories under the USERS directory.
  • B: You cannot rename a user-created subdirectory.
  • C: You cannot drop a directory containing aliases unless you delete the aliases first.
  • D: You cannot create a user-defined directory at the root (+) level.
  • E: You cannot create a nested subdirectory /USERS/2014 under USERS with a single CREATE DIRETORY command even if directory USER1 doesn’t exist.

Question 9
Which three components are integral parts of High Availability NFS (HANFS)?

  • A: Application VIP
  • B: DHCP
  • C: ExportFS
  • D: HAVIP
  • E: NFS
  • F: HAIP

Question 10
You just added an ASM disk to the DATA diskgroup. 
Which two can be used to monitor the rebalancing?

  • A: ams_cmd lsop
  • B: v$asm_disk
  • C: v$asm_operation
  • D: v$asm_diskgroup
  • E: v$session_longops
  • F: amscmd lsdg


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