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Vendor: Nutanix
Exam Code: NCP-DB-6.5
Exam Name: Nutanix Certified Professional -Database Automation (NCP-DB) V6-5
Date: Mar 19, 2024
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Refer to the exhibit.
A request is received to provision a new Oracle SIHA DB & VM to test ASMLIB on OEL79 and Oracle 19c. When walking through the provisioning workflow, only ASMFD is available in the ASM Driver drop down.
What is necessary to provision the requested SIHA DB and DB VM with ASMLIB?
  1. Update the software profile to include the ASMLIB driver.
  2. Install ASMLIB on the NDB server.
  3. Update the NDB driver config to enable ASMLIB for Oracle.
  4. Install ASMLIB on the database server.
Correct answer: B
Question 2
Refer to the exhibit.
An administrator, whose accounts are shown in the exhibit, is trying to add a new database admin as a local user to NDB, but is unable to complete the task.
What is most likely the cause of the issue?
  1. The administrator is logged in with the Super Admin account.
  2. An email address is required for the Super Admin account.
  3. The administrator is logged in with the Database Admin account.
  4. Only users in the domain admins group can create local users.
Correct answer: D
Question 3
What are two status values that can be set within the Alerts Dashboard? (Choose two.)
  1. Auto
  2. Resolved
  3. Data Resiliency
  4. Acknowledged
Correct answer: BD
Question 4
What is purpose of the NDB Database Agent service?
  1. Temporarily stores the transaction logs.
  2. Hosts one or more source databases for the same time machine.
  3. Schedules and monitors the NDB-related operations.
  4. Contains an instance of the database engine software.
Correct answer: C
Question 5
An administrator needs to provide the least-privilege access to a newly-hired engineer whose task is to add new VLANs or IP Pools in NDB.
Which role should the administrator select to complete this task?
  1. Database Administrator
  2. Super Administrator
  3. Database Infrastructure Administrator
  4. Infrastructure Administrator
Correct answer: C
Question 6
How can an administrator exclude Kernel patches for the Linux OS using the most efficient means?
  1. Define a pre-script to disable the repositories in the Patch Now advanced options
  2. Exclude the appropriate repositories on the VM prior to patching.
  3. Exclude the appropriate repositories on the VM and reboot prior to patching.
  4. Define a pre-script to disable the repositories in the Maintenance Window advanced options.
Correct answer: A
Question 7
What must be completed within NDB before patching a Linux OS?
  1. Update the database.
  2. Configure the repository.
  3. Configure database high availability.
  4. Update the software profile version.
Correct answer: B
Question 8
In NDB, which two Time Machine options are available when creating a database clone? {Choose two.)
  1. Point in time
  2. Restore point
  3. Backup
  4. Snapshot
Correct answer: AD
Question 9
What is the first step to add Time Machine (TM) data access to a Nutanix cluster?
  1. Enable multi-cluster in NDB.
  2. Disable multi-cluster in ND8.
  3. Register the required Nutanix clusters in ND8.
  4. Delete the TM data from the source database.
Correct answer: C
Question 10
An administrator is adding a stretched VLAN in NDB.
Which VLAN type(s) will satisfy this task?
  1. Only VLANs that are not managed in NDB
  2. Only static VLANs that are managed in NDB
  3. Only dynamic VLANs
  4. Both static and dynamic VLANs
Correct answer: D

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