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Exam Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA)
Number NCA-5.20
File Name Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA).NCA-5.20.2022-06-24.1e.47q.vcex
Size 680 Kb
Posted June 24, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An Administrator needs to provide users access to prism Central Projects.
What Source of user accounts must the admininstrator Use?

  • A: Local Users
  • B: Ooen LDAP
  • C: Active Directory
  • D: SAML2 Provider

Question 2
An Administrator expanded the disk capacity on a windows VM, but the VM operator saw no difference in its space.
Which Addition task must the administrator take ?

  • A: Reconnect to the iscsi target
  • B: reboot the virtual machine
  • C: Convert to a dynamic Disk
  • D: Expand the current partition

Question 3
Which Task is Required to initiate a live migration of VMs between two cluster.?

  • A: Replicate VM Recovery Point
  • B: Promote Metro Availability Protection Domain
  • C: Press Migrate Button on hte Protection Domain
  • D: Perform a Leap Planned Failover

Question 4
An Administrator Wants a VM to Communicate with two Separate VLANs.
What steps should the administrator complete?

  • A: Add a single NIC to the VM and Configure it for both VLANs
  • B: Add two NICs to the VM and Configure one for each VLAN
  • C: Turn on IPAM for autoconfiguration of VLANs
  • D: Configure a security Policy to assign VLANs to the VM

Question 5
An Administrator is concerned that a VM on a hybrid Cluster with 8Gb RAM and 4 vCPU is performing poorly.
An Analysis of hte VM indicates that CPU Utilisation is at 50% ,memory utilization is at 30% , and diskn latency is at 18ms.
What can the administrator do to improve performance?

  • A: Increase vDisk Size
  • B: add 4GB RAM
  • C: Enable FLash Mode
  • D: Provision 8 vCPU

Question 6
Which Windows technology does AHV support to prevent authentication theft?

  • A: Endpoint Manager
  • B: Azure AD Multi-Factor
  • C: Windwos Defender Credential Guard
  • D: Active Directory federation Services

Question 7
An Administrator has created a Volume Group for a specific VM on an AHV Cluster.
What is the next step requuired to user vDisk in the VM ?

  • A: Attach the Volume Group to the VM
  • B: Configure CHAP Authentication
  • C: Reboot the VM
  • D: Bring the disk Online

Question 8
Assuming Sufficient Storage Capacity , how long are entities kept in the prism recycle bin?

  • A: 8 hours
  • B: 24 hours
  • C: 1 week
  • D: 1 month

Question 9
An Administrator wants to copy some virtual machine disk files to ADSF from an external VMware ESXI Host.
Which two action should the administrator take to complete this task? choose two

  • A: Enable CHAP on Volume Group
  • B: Mount container as NFS on External host
  • C: Configure Whitelist on container
  • D: Configure Volume Group

Question 10
Which Nutanix Product Provide S3-Compatible Storage ?

  • A: Volumes
  • B: Files
  • C: Objects
  • D: Mine


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