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Exam NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NCSIE ONTAP)
Number NS0-181
File Name NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NCSIE ONTAP).passit4sure.NS0-181.2019-09-01.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted September 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer wants to reduce the disk allocation requirement for the root aggregate and increase usable storage by partitioning the disks into one large part and one small part. The small part is used for the root aggregate and the large part for the data aggregates. 
In this situation, what is this feature called?

  • A: ONTAP
  • B: storage virtual machine
  • C: Advanced Drive Partitioning
  • D: RAID

Question 2
A customer has a new 2-node ONTAP system. They have configured the cluster for iSCSI and LUN access. 
Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A: In a case of a node error, the broadcast domain will automatically be moved to the surviving node.
  • B: Create a single failover group with both nodes’ ports, e0M and e0i, applied to each node iSCSI LIF.
  • C: A best practice is to have at least one LIF per node per SVM for iSCSI access.
  • D: Use Asymmetric Logical Unit Assignment (ALUA), igroups and host-side multipath input/output (MPIO) for path management and resiliency with iSCSI.

Question 3
Starting with ONTAP 9.1, what is the maximum number of HA pairs that are supported when using a SAN cluster?

  • A: 4
  • B: 2
  • C: 6
  • D: 8

Question 4
What is a valid failover policy for a SAN LIF?

  • A: disabled
  • B: broadcast-domain-wide
  • C: system-define
  • D: local-only

Question 5
You are adding two new nodes into an existing switchless 2-node cluster. 
Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A: You first need to install the cluster interconnect switches to the existing cluster.
  • B: You must make sure that the existing nodes are healthy and that all cluster links are up.
  • C: The existing cluster must use clustered Data ONTAP 8.1 or later software.
  • D: You need to schedule downtime to add these two nodes.

Question 6
Your customer has filled out the customer installation worksheet. However, the customer’s network environment is not set up and ready for the new ONTAP 9.1 system. The customer requests that you install the system and states that they will finish the configuration when they have acquired the appropriate network connections. 
Which two statements are correct about this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A: You should cable a cluster so that the clusters interconnect traffic is on a separate network from all other traffic.
  • B: You cannot install an ONTAP system without having the customer network configuration.
  • C: You should cable all of the controllers and disk shelves, power on the system, and then leave the system as-is for the customer to configure.
  • D: A cluster can be created without data network connections, but it must include a cluster interconnect connection.

Question 7

While planning for an installation, you download ONTAP 9.1 as requested by the customer. As you begin the installation, you determine that the system shipped with ONTAP 9.0 software installed. Because of this, you boot to the Special Boot Menu shown in the exhibit. 
What should you use to upgrade the ONTAP software on the customer’s cluster?

  • A: Use option 6, “Update flash from backup config” to upgrade to ONTAP 9.1 software.
  • B: Use option 7, “Install new software first,” to upgrade to ONTAP 9.1 software.
  • C: Use option 5, “Maintenance mode boot,” and then use the software update command to upgrade to ONTAP 9.1 software.
  • D: Use option 5, “Maintenance mode boot”, and then use the system node image update command to upgrade to ONTAP 9.1 software.

Question 8
You install a new 2-node FAS8200 switchless cluster. You want to reach all necessary management LIFs and SPs for this cluster. 
How many management IP addresses do you need in this scenario?

  • A: 4
  • B: 5
  • C: 2
  • D: 1

Question 9

After running Config Advisor 5.0 on a newly deployed ONTAP system, you are reviewing the output with the customer, and you find the warnings shown in the exhibit. 
Which action should you perform before you leave the customer site?

  • A: Explain to the customer that the warnings are not relevant because of the quad-path HA cabling.
  • B: Remove all of the SAS cables from behind the controllers and replace them with FC cables.
  • C: Explain to the customer that Config Advisor does not support the AFF A700 and FAS900 systems.
  • D: Review the Hardware Universe Web site for calling guidance.

Question 10
In which two configurations would Advanced Drive Partitioning be used by default in ONTAP 9.1? (Choose two.)

  • A: an AFF A700 with one DS2246 shelf containing 24 960GB SSDs
  • B: a FAS2554 with 24 internal 1000 GB SATA HDDs
  • C: a FAS8040 with one DS2246 shelf containing 24 900 GB SAS disks
  • D: a FAS9000 with one shelf DS212C with 24 800 GB SAS HDDs



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