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Exam Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service
Number MB2-877
File Name Microsoft.Testking.MB2-877.2018-05-05.1e.25q.vcex
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Posted May 05, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are implementing Microsoft Dynamics Field Service. You create a view of all scheduled work orders for a specific city on a specific day. You need to modify the view to show completed work.  
Which field should you use to filter the view?

  • A: Priority
  • B: System Status
  • C: Work Order Summary
  • D: Sub-Status

Question 2
You create a custom entity to manage specific types of services. You need to start scheduling resources for work related to the entity.  
What should you do?

  • A: Create a relationship between the custom entity and Booking Resources entities.
  • B: Use work orders instead of the custom entity.
  • C: Add the custom entity to the schedule board.
  • D: Enable the custom entity for scheduling using universal scheduling.

Question 3
You need to ensure that technicians who respond to service requests have a proficiency of at least good.  
What should you do?

  • A: Create a new resource type and manually assign delivery people who meet the criteria.
  • B: Create a new team and manually assign delivery people who meet the criteria.
  • C: Filter the schedule board by characteristics.
  • D: Create a resource role. Add skill and proficiency requirements.

Question 4
You use Schedule Assistant to schedule work orders.  
Which three constraints can you apply? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A: Radius
  • B: Team
  • C: Roles
  • D: Customers
  • E: Sites

Question 5
Which Microsoft service is included with the Resource Scheduling Optimization license?

  • A: Microsoft Office 365
  • B: Microsoft Teams
  • C: Microsoft Power BI
  • D: Microsoft Azure

Question 6
A company provides plumbing repair services across a broad geographic area. The company creates different zones for providing service to clients. You need to organize work orders and resources automatically by geography.  
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A: Create an enterprise agreement with Microsoft Bing maps.
  • B: Geocode the service activity.
  • C: Configure a radius constraint for work orders.
  • D: Set up an account record for the company with a valid address.
  • E: Enable the map feature.

Question 7
Which work order status value indicates that a technician’s work is ready for review and approval?

  • A: Closed – Posted
  • B: Closed – Completed
  • C: Open – Completed
  • D: Open – Posted

Question 8
A new service agreement automatically generates 12 monthly work orders for a new customer.  
What are two possible status values for the work orders? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A: Open-scheduled
  • B: Open-reserved
  • C: Open-unscheduled
  • D: Open-requested

Question 9
Service technicians perform groups of related activities. You need to provide a total estimated duration for the group of activities so that they can be scheduled as one assignment.  
Which set of entities should you use?

  • A: case and activities
  • B: case and service tasks
  • C: work order and activities
  • D: work order and service tasks

Question 10
You need to provide agents with a checklist of actions to complete as part of a work order. The duration of these actions must roll up to the work order.  
Which record type should you use?

  • A: time entries
  • B: service tasks
  • C: incidents
  • D: service activities



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