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Exam Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration
Number MB2-716
File Name Microsoft.Testkings.MB2-716.2017-12-06.1e.63q.vcex
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Posted December 06, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which action can you perform by using a business rule?

  • A: Subtract $5.00 from a currency field.
  • B: Clear a two options field.
  • C: Concatenate two text fields.
  • D: Add six days to a date field.

Question 2
You are creating a set of system views. 
Which three options can you configure for the views? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A: read, write, and delete permissions
  • B: append, assign, and share permissions
  • C: default sort order for results 
  • D: the widths of each column
  • E: the columns to display

Question 3
You plan to delete a custom entity from an unmanaged solution. Which of the following statements is true?

  • A: You must delete the solution that contains the entity.
  • B: You can only delete the entity from managed solutions.
  • C: You must delete all records related to the entity from the database.
  • D: You must remove any dependencies with other objects.

Question 4
A sales team member creates a chart. 
You need to make the chart available to all members of the sales team. 
What should you do?

  • A: Download and use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Report Authoring Extension.
  • B: Ask the team member to export the data used by the chart.
  • C: Export the chart XML and import it into system charts.
  • D: Ask the team member to share the chart with other sales team members.

Question 5
You need to create a hyperlink field to capture the URL for a contact's Linkedln profile. 
Which data type should you use for the field?

  • A: single line of text 
  • B: web
  • C: URL
  • D: text area

Question 6
You implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customers. 
A customer reports that their sales support staff is taking too much time updating the probability on opportunities. 
You must display an Editable Grid control when users view the Opportunity entity from the web. You must display a read-only grid when users view opportunities on a tablet device. 
What should you do?

  • A: On the Opportunity entity, clear the Enable for mobile setting.
  • B: On the Outlook and Mobile Settings page for the Opportunity entity, configure the Organization data download filter.
  • C: On the Opportunity entity, select the Tablet option for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Read- only Grid setting.
  • D: On the Opportunity entity, select the Read-only in mobile setting

Question 7
You need to install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook on your device. What should you do?

  • A: In Settings, open Apps for Dynamics 365.
  • B: Add your user name to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook eligible user list.
  • C: Enable the option to automatically add the app to Outlook.
  • D: Download and install the app from Microsoft AppSource.

Question 8
You create a new custom entity and add it to the sitemap. System administrators can see the custom entity. Users report that they cannot see the custom entity. 
You need to ensure that users can see the custom entity. 
What should you do? 

  • A: Publish the sitemap.
  • B: Publish the custom entity.
  • C: Wait for changes to the security roles to take effect.
  • D: Grant appropriate security roles access to the custom entity.

Question 9
You add a lookup for contacts to the case form. 
You need to display the most recent primary phone number for a contact on the case form while minimizing administrative effort. 
What should you do?

  • A: Use a workflow to copy the phone number to a new field on the case when the contact changes.
  • B: Use a quick view form to display the phone number.
  • C: Use a web resource to query and display the phone number.
  • D: Use field mapping during record creation to copy the phone number to a new field on the case. 

Question 10
Which of the following chart types can be configured as an organization-owned chart but not as a user owned chart?

  • A: bar and line
  • B: tag or doughnut
  • C: line and multi-series
  • D: area and funnel



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