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Exam Windows Operating System Fundamentals
Number 98-349
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Posted June 13, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

PowerShell is used to:

  • A: Monitor user keystrokes.
  • B: Repair damaged hard disk drive sectors.
  • C: Automate a routine task.
  • D: Extend the life of the battery.
Question 2

Windows Aero is a:

  • A: Pointing device
  • B: Device driver
  • C: Desktop theme
  • D: Windows application
Question 3

Which describes the purpose of Power Saver mode for a portable computer?

  • A: To lock the computer when it is idle
  • B: To prevent unauthorized programs from consuming resources
  • C: To protect the display from burned-in images
  • D: To shut down idle devices to conserve battery charge
Question 4

You want to change your default home page in Internet Explorer. In which location should you modify settings?

  • A: Trusted Sites
  • B: View
  • C: Internet Options
  • D: Favorites
Question 5

Every time you insert a music CD, you receive a dialog box that asks which action you want Windows to perform. 
Which should you configure so that your personal computer automatically identifies an audio CD and starts playing music?

  • A: The Autoplay settings
  • B: The Ease of Access settings
  • C: A desktop gadget
  • D: The Personalization settings
Question 6

You need to modify the time displayed in the system tray. Which Control Panel feature should you use?

  • A: Appearance and Personalization
  • B: Display Properties
  • C: Administrative Tools
  • D: Clock, Language, and Region
Question 7

You insert a software installation DVD into your Windows 10 computer. The DVD does not launch automatically. 
You need to perform a manual installation. 
What should you do?

  • A: From Control Panel, use Programs.
  • B: From Control Panel, use Ease of Access.
  • C: Browse the contents of the hard disk drive and locate the Program Files folder.
  • D: Browse the contents of the DVD and locate the Setup file.
Question 8

A Windows service is a:

  • A: Program or process that runs in the background and does not require user intervention.
  • B: Hardware driver that provides support to a specific device.
  • C: Program or process that runs in the foreground.
  • D: Hardware driver that provides support to the operating system.
Question 9

Which Windows feature should you use to protect a computer against spyware?

  • A: Group Policy
  • B: User Account Control
  • C: Windows Defender
  • D: Encrypting File System
Question 10

Which feature allows you to create a new virtual application?

  • A: Application Virtualization Sequencer
  • B: Windows Installer
  • C: Remote Desktop Connection
  • D: Windows Virtual PC