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Exam Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Number 70-533
File Name Microsoft.prep4sure.70-533.2018-06-25.1e.183q.vcex
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Posted June 25, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You are the administrator for three Azure subscriptions named Dev, Test, and Prod. 
Your Azure PowerShell profile is configured with the Dev subscription as the default. 
You need to create a new virtual machine in the Test subscription by using the least administrative effort. 
Which PowerShell command should you use?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 2
You administer an Azure solution that uses a virtual network named FabVNet. FabVNet has a single subnet named Subnet-1. 
You discover a high volume of network traffic among four virtual machines (VMs) that are part of Subnet-1. 
You need to isolate the network traffic among the four VMs. You want to achieve this goal with the least amount of downtime and impact on users. 
What should you do?

  • A: Create a new subnet in the existing virtual network and move the four VMs to the new subnet.
  • B: Create a site-to-site virtual network and move the four VMs to your datacenter.
  • C: Create a new virtual network and move the VMs to the new network.
  • D: Create an availability set and associate the four VMs with that availability set.

Question 3
You administer an Azure virtual network named fabrikamVNet. 
You need to deploy a virtual machine (VM) and ensure that it is a member of the fabrikamVNet virtual network. 
Which two actions will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A: Run the following Azure PowerShell cmdlet: New-AzureRmVM
  • B: Run the following Azure PowerShell cmdlet: New-AzureQuickVM
  • C: Run the following Azure PowerShell cmdlet:New-AzureAfhnityGroup.
  • D: Update fabrikamVNet's existing Availability Set.

Question 4
You manage a large datacenter that has limited physical space. 
You plan to extend your datacenter to Azure. 
You need to create a connection that supports a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) virtual private network. 
Which connection type should you use?

  • A: Site-to-site
  • B: VNet-VNet
  • C: ExpressRoute.
  • D: Site-to-peer

Question 5
You manage a cloud service named fabrikamReports that is deployed in an Azure data center. 
You deploy a virtual machine (VM) named fabrikamSQL into a virtual network named fabrikamVNet. 
FabrikamReports must communicate with fabrikamSQL. 
You need to add fabrikam Reports to fabrikamVNet. 
Which file should you modify?

  • A: the network configuration file for fabrikamVNet
  • B: the service definition file (.csdef) for fabrikamReports
  • C: the service definition file (.csdef) for fabrikamSQL
  • D: the service configuration file (.cscfg) for fabrikamReports
  • E: the service configuration file (.cscfg) fabrikamSQL

Question 6
You manage an application deployed to virtual machines (VMs) on an Azure virtual network named corpVnet1. 
You plan to hire several remote employees who will need access to the application on corpVnet1. 
You need to ensure that new employees can access corpVnet1. You want to achieve this goal by using the most cost effective solution. 
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A: Create a VPN subnet.
  • B: Enable point-to-point connectivity for corpVnet1.
  • C: Enable point-to-site connectivity for corpVnet1.
  • D: Create a gateway subnet.
  • E: Enable site-to-site connectivity for corpVnet1.
  • F: Convert corpVnet1 to a regional virtual network.

Question 7
Your company has a subscription to Azure. You plan to deploy 10 websites. 
You have the following requirements:
Each website has at least 15 GB of storage. 
All websites can 
You need to deploy the 10 websites while minimizing costs. 
Which web tier plan should you recommend?

  • A: Free
  • B: Small Business
  • C: Standard
  • D: Basic

Question 8
You administer an Azure Web Site named contoso. The development team has implemented changes to the website that need to be validated. 
You need to validate and deploy the changes with minimum downtime to users. 
What should you do first?

  • A: Create a new Linked Resource.
  • B: Configure Remote Debugging on contoso.
  • C: Create a new website named contosoStaging.
  • D: Create a deployment slot named contosoStaging.
  • E: Back up the contoso website to a deployment slot.

Question 9
You manage an Azure Web Site that is running in Shared mode. 
You discover that the website is experiencing increased average response time during periods of heavy user activity. 
You need to update the website configuration to address the performance issues as they occur. 
What should you do?

  • A: Set the website to Standard mode and configure automatic scaling based on CPU utilization.
  • B: Configure automatic seating during specific dates.
  • C: Modify the website instance size.
  • D: Configure automatic scaling based on memory utilization.
  • E: Set the website to Basic mode and configure automatic scaling based on CPU utilization.

Question 10
You manage an Azure Web Site named contosoweb. Logging is enabled for contosoweb. 
You need to view only errors from your log files in a continuous stream as they occur. 
Which Windows Power Shell command should you execute?

  • A: Get-AzureWebSiteLog -Name contosoweb -OutBuffer Error
  • B: Save-AzureWebSiteLog -Name contosoweb -Output Errors
  • C: Get-AzureWebSiteLog -Name contosoweb -Tail –Message Error
  • D: Get-AzureWebSiteLog -Name contosoweb -Message Error



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