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Exam Technology Literacy for Educators
Number 62-193
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Posted February 14, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the primary benefit of increasing the use of ICT resources during the history lessons?
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  • A: The students will have access to a greater range of learning resources.
  • B: The students will more easily and quickly submit their assignments.
  • C: The students will stay on task throughout the lessons.
  • D: The students will deliver assignments that are clearer and more presentable.

Question 2
You plan to have an expert speaker address the students about a recent historical event.
Which two possible ICT resources should you recommend that the students use to create an accurate record of the speaker’s statements? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)
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  • A: the digital voice recorder
  • B: the LMS
  • C: an Internet connection
  • D: a digital camera
  • E: a video camera
  • F: the flatbed scanner
  • G: the printers

Question 3
You teach a class of 20 students. Your classroom contains six computers.
You run an activity that is carried out mostly on paper.
Before the end of the activity, the students will require access to the computers.
Which lesson structure should provide the best learning experience for the students?

  • A: Create several different activities that require the computers at different stages during the lesson.
  • B: Execute the computer-based portion of the activity as a class demonstration.
  • C: Modify the tasks of the lesson so that only some of the students require access to the computers.
  • D: Have all of the students perform the same activity and instruct the students to take turns using the computers.

Question 4
You are a teacher at a primary school. Your students are 9 and 10 years old.
Your classroom contains one desktop computer. Each student gets a 15-minute turn using the computer. The computer is always being used during class hours.
A new student with a physical disability joins the class. The student will need to complete his writing tasks on a classroom computer until he gets his own laptop computer.
What is the least disruptive and most equitable solution?

  • A: Borrow a desktop computer from the school administration.
  • B: Provide the new student access to the classroom computer after class hours.
  • C: Provide the new student priority access to the classroom computer.
  • D: Maintain the existing rotation schedule for the classroom computer, and then pair the new student with other students during their turn on the computer.

Question 5
You are a teacher at a secondary school. You work closely with the school administration.
A group of parents questions the large sum of money that the school invests in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources.
You are requested to prepare a response on behalf of the school.
On which argument will you base your response?

  • A: Modern economies increasingly require a workforce that has good typing skills, so the school must try to incorporate computers into all its activities.
  • B: Modern economies are increasingly based on knowledge and information, so students must learn the skills required to handle information.
  • C: The business sector in modern economies increasingly expects schools to produce students who are qualified in financial knowledge.
  • D: Modern economies increasingly depend on the growth of the computer manufacturing industry, an economic sector that schools must support.


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