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Exam LPIC-3 Virtualization & High Availability
Number 304-200
File Name LPI.PracticeDumps.304-200.2017-12-12.1e.120q.vcex
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Posted December 12, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following circumstances prevent the usage of container based virtualization? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A: More than one container requires access to block devices available in the host system.
  • B: Remote access via SSH is required to all containers.
  • C: Each container needs to have its own user accounts and user groups.
  • D: Administrators of containers must be able to install customized Linux kernels.
  • E: Different operating systems are to be used within containers on the same virtualization host.

Question 2
When migrating a physical machine to a full virtualized machine, which of the following properties should be expected to change from the perspective of the guest operating system? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A: The user accounts within the guest operating system.
  • B: The properties of the CPU and other hardware devices.
  • C: The MAC address of the network interfaces.
  • D: The version of the guest operating system.
  • E: The software and applications installed on the guest system.

Question 3
Which of the following statements are true regarding IaaS computing instances? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A: Creation of new instances can be automated by using scripts or APIs and service interfaces.
  • B: The root file system of a computing instance is always persistent and can be accessed after the instance is destroyed.
  • C: Each and every user of an IaaS cloud has exactly one computing instance.
  • D: Once created, computing instances are seldom deleted in order to ensure the accessibility of the instance's data.
  • E: Instances may be created when needed and destroyed when they become obsolete.

Question 4
Which of the following technologies is the most important component of IaaS clouds?

  • A: Database replication
  • B: DNS delegation
  • C: Emulation
  • D: Mandatory Access Control
  • E: Virtualization

Question 5
Which of the following statements are true regarding Xen domains? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A: Fully virtualized and paravirtualized domains are managed using the same tools and commands.
  • B: Xen domains of all types require virtualization extensions in the host system's CPU.
  • C: All fully virtualized domains are called 'Dom0' while all paravirtualized domains are called 'DomU'.
  • D: Both paravirtualized and fully virtualized domains may run on the same host system.
  • E: Paravirtualized domains are significantly slower than fully virtualized domains.

Question 6
Which of the following directives is used in the configuration file of a Xen guest domain in order to define network interfaces?

  • A: vif
  • B: eth
  • C: vnet
  • D: vbr
  • E: net

Question 7
Which value must be set in the option builder in the configuration file of a Xen guest domain in order to create a fully virtualized machine instead of a paravirtualized one? (Specify ONLY the value without any option name, quotes or operators.)

  • A: 'hvm'
  • B: "hvm"
  • C: hvm

Question 8
Which sub-command of xl changes the media inside a virtual CD-ROM drive of a Xen guest domain? (Specify ONLY the sub-command without any path or parameters.)

  • A: block-attach
  • B: xl block-detach
  • C: block-detach
  • D: xl block-attach
  • E: cd-insert
  • F: xl cd-eject
  • G: cd-eject
  • H: xl cd-insert

Question 9
Which of the following components are parts of XAPI? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

  • A: The XADB configuration management database.
  • B: The XAPI virtual file system available at /xen.
  • C: The xm command.
  • D: The xe command.
  • E: The xapi daemon.

Question 10
Which of the following tools is used to interact with XenStore?

  • A: xenstore-ls
  • B: xendo
  • C: xs
  • D: xl store
  • E: xstore



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