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Exam Service Provider Routing and Switching, Professional
Number JN0-662
File Name Juniper.pass4sure.JN0-662.2018-06-18.1e.32q.vcex
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Posted June 18, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Referring to the exhibit, the Layer 2 VPN between PE-1 and PE-2 is not functioning properly. 
What must you do to solve the problem?

  • A: Set the remote site identifier to 3.
  • B: Set the local site identifier to 3.
  • C: Set the local site identifier to 1.
  • D: Set the remote site identifier to 5.

Question 2
Which two statements are true regarding the output shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

  • A: Both ESIs are generated from the router ID.
  • B: Both ESIs use the same VNI.
  • C: The ESI 05:00:00:fe:4d:00:00:56:0e:00 is an auto-generated ESI.
  • D: The ESI 00:24:24:24:24:24:24:24:24:24 is an auto-generated ESI.

Question 3

You have configured a BGP-signaled Layer 2 VPN with the configuration shown in the exhibit. 
Which two statements are true in this situation? (Choose two.)

  • A: Remote site 1 is dual-homed.
  • B: The local site is site ID 1.
  • C: The route-distinguisher is in the wrong format.
  • D: Interface ge-0/0/l.512 is connected to the local site

Question 4
After committing the following configuration change on your MPLS VPN PE router, all MPLS VPN destinations become unreachable. 


Which additional configuration solves the issue?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 5

You have configured Layer 2 VPN stitching between two Layer 2 circuits on PE2, but traffic is not passing through the VPN. 
Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

  • A: The unit 1 peer unit must be set to 0.
  • B: The VLAN IDs must be lower than 512.
  • C: The VLAN IDs must be different on each unit.
  • D: The peer units must reference the VLAN IDs.

Question 6
You want to add a new OSPF area to your existing OSPF network, however, this area will not be directly connected to Area 0. Which feature would you use to complete this task?

  • A: a routing policy
  • B: not-so stubby area
  • C: virtual link
  • D: Type 10 LSA

Question 7

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A: IP address is on a directly connected interface.
  • B: Four routes have been leaked from the Level 2 area to the Level 1 area.
  • C: The path to IP address is currently unavailable.
  • D: R1 has two Level 2 adjacencies and one Level 1 adjacency to other routers.

Question 8

Referring to the exhibit, what must be added to the existing configuration to ensure that per-prefix load balancing occurs?

  • A: multihop
  • B: keep all
  • C: multipath
  • D: family inet unicast

Question 9
Which statement is correct regarding BGP route reflectors?

  • A: The route reflectors must have a private AS number.
  • B: The route reflectors must have an EBGP peering session between each other.
  • C: The route reflectors must have a cluster ID configured.
  • D: The route reflectors must have a different AS number than the clients.

Question 10
You want to use IS-IS on a GRE interface where the underlying Layer 3 MTU is 1500. 
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

  • A: IS-IS can be used because every IS-IS interface must be capable of transmitting packets at least as large as 1476 bytes, and the GRE header is 24 bytes.
  • B: IS IS can be used, but the networking device directly attached to the circuit must be capable of fragmentation.
  • C: IS-IS cannot be used, but the router can enable a GRE key that serves the same function as IS-IS.
  • D: IS-IS cannot be used because the IS-IS hello is not allowed to be fragmented and has the DF bit set.



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