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Exam Mist AI, Specialist
Number JN0-450
File Name Mist AI, Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI).VCEPlus.JN0-450.2021-11-02.1e.65q.vcex
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Posted November 02, 2021
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Demo Questions

Question 1
In which two layers of the OSI model are WLANs located? (Choose two.)

  • A: Network
  • B: Transport
  • C: Physical
  • D: Data Link

Question 2
What are three available rate limiting options in the Mist UI?(Choose three.)

  • A: Network
  • B: Application
  • C: wLan
  • D: Per-Client
  • E: Per-Site

Question 3
What information would be streamed through webhooks?(Choose two.)

  • A: location coordinates of RFID tags
  • B: alerts
  • C: SLE metrics of clients
  • D: audit logs

Question 4
What do 802.11 stations perform to help avoid collisions on theWLAN medium?

  • A: 802.11 stations detect collisions and set a back-off timer.
  • B: Listen to verify that the medium is free before transmitting. 
  • C: Stations only transmit when polled by the access point.
  • D: Transmit on a fixed schedule.

Question 5
Referring to the exhibit, you asked Marvis to troubleshoot a client. In this scenario, what did Marvis determine?  

  • A: two authentication failures over this week
  • B: two DHCP failures today
  • C: DHCP errors over the past seven days
  • D: two authentication failures today

Question 6
Referring to the exhibit, what does the security alert indicate?  

  • A: An AP that is not part of the Mist Org is connected to the same wired network as the Mist APs.
  • B: An AP that is not part of the Mist Org is launching a DDoS attack on the Mist APs.
  • C: An AP that is not part of the Mist Org is advertising the same SSIDs as the Mist APs.
  • D: An AP that is not part of the Mist Org is operating in the same RF channel as the nearby Mist AP.

Question 7
You are the only tenant in a building that has Wi-Fi. At times, the Wi-Fi network appears to be slow and you want to determine if the microwave oven is causing an issue because it is used throughput the day. Which SLE metric and classifier should you look at to determine the issue?

  • A: throughput/network issues
  • B: capacity/wifi interference
  • C: throughput/coverage
  • D: capacity/non-wifi interference

Question 8
What happens first when a client requests tojoin a WLAN?

  • A: 802. 11 authentication 
  • B: ARP request
  • C: 802.11 association
  • D: DHCP discovery

Question 9
What does Mist's patented 16-element vBLE Antenna Array do when"engagement" is enabled?

  • A: performs radio resource management
  • B: locates Wi-Fi assets
  • C: transmits unique and directional BLE beams
  • D: performs personal pre-shared key sharing

Question 10
You are troubleshooting a client that has had intermittent connectivity problems. Using Marvis to troubleshoot, you see that AP uptime is negatively affecting the client. 
When inspecting Marvis' troubleshooting response, which category should you select to see when the AP went offline?

  • A: Location
  • B: Correlation
  • C: AP Metrics
  • D: Classifiers


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