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Exam Service Provider Routing and Switching, Specialist (JNCIS-SP)
Number JN0-361
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Posted August 07, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

Which two statements are true about VRRP? (Choose two.)

  • A: VRRP requires redundant REs on each member.
  • B: Interfaces within the same VRRP group do not have to be on the same subnet for each member.
  • C: Interfaces within the same VRRP group must be on the same subnet for each member.
  • D: VRRP does not require redundant REs on each member.
Question 2

Click the Exhibit. 

You are receiving the same route prefix from four EBGP neighbors. 
Based on the information provided in the exhibit, which route will become active?

  • A: Route2
  • B: Route3
  • C: Route4
  • D: Route1
Question 3

Which two fields of a hello packet must match on both routers when forming an OSPF adjacency? (Choose two.)

  • A: Hello interval
  • B: Designated route
  • C: Router priority
  • D: Network mask
Question 4

Click the Exhibit. 


You have just configured IS-IS, but the adjacency is not coming up. 
Referring to the exhibit, what is the cause?

  • A: Only one side is configured using the point-to-point parameter.
  • B: One router is configured for Level 2 only.
  • C: The routers must be in different areas.
  • D: The family iso parameters is missing on the interfaces.
Question 5

You are establishing RSVP LSPs through your MPLS-enabled network. You are asked to ensure that the LSPs will support end-to-end class-of-service handling. 
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

  • A: Configure ultimate-hop-popping on the egress device.
  • B: Configure implicit-null on all MPLS-enabled devices.
  • C: Configure explicit-null on all MPLS-enabled devices.
  • D: Configure entropy-label on the egress device.
Question 6

Click the exhibit. 



Referring to the exhibit, which configuration must be set on R2 to from a Level 1 IS-IS adjacency with R1?

  • A: Set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family iso address 49.0001.3415.0010.0250.0000.0046.00
  • B: Set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family iso address 49.0002.3414.0010.0250.0000.0046.00
  • C: Set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family iso address 49.0002.3415.0010.0250.0000.0046.00
  • D: Set interfaces lo0 unit 0 family iso address 49.0001.3414.0010.0250.0000.0046.00
Question 7

What are three label operations that an MPLS-enabled router performs? (Choose three.)

  • A: swap
  • B: push
  • C: pop
  • D: insert
  • E: rewrite
Question 8

Click the exhibit. 

A customer has two VLANs to extend between Site-1 and Site-2. The customer does not want to route the VLANs or renumber the VLANs.  
Referring to the exhibit, which two VLAN IDs are egressing the MX Series device towards the optical transport network after translation? (Choose two.)

  • A: 500
  • B: 501
  • C: 201
  • D: 200
Question 9

Which two statements are true about NSR? (Choose two.)

  • A: NSR requires graceful restart to function properly
  • B: NSR requires redundant REs.
  • C: NSR requires only one RE.
  • D: NSR requires GRES to function properly.
Question 10

An IS-IS TLV includes which two attributes? (Choose two.)

  • A: Topology
  • B: Vector
  • C: Length
  • D: Value