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Exam Security, Associate
Number JN0-231
File Name Security, Associate.VCEPlus.JN0-231.2022-09-16.1e.65q.vcex
Size 650 Kb
Posted September 16, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two criteria should a zone-based security policy include? (Choose two.)

  • A: a source port
  • B: a destination port
  • C: zone context
  • D: an action

Question 2
You are assigned a project to configure SRX Series devices to allow connections to your webservers.
The webservers have a private IP address, and the packets must use NAT to be accessible from the Internet. You do not want the webservers to initiate connections with external update servers on the Internet using the same IP address as customers use to access them.
Which two NAT types must be used to complete this project? (Choose two.)

  • A: static NAT
  • B: hairpin NAT 
  • C: destination NAT
  • D: source NAT

Question 3
You are asked to verify that a license for AppSecure is installed on an SRX Series device.
In this scenario, which command will provide you with the required information?

  • A: user@srx> show system license
  • B: user@srx> show services accounting
  • C: user@srx> show configuration system
  • D: user@srx> show chassis firmware

Question 4

Referring to the exhibit, a user is placed in which hierarchy when the exit command is run?

  • A: [edit security policies from-zone trust to-zone dmz] user@vSRX-1#
  • B: [edit] user@vSRX-1#
  • C: [edit security policies] user@vSRX-1#
  • D: user@vSRX-1>

Question 5
You want to enable the minimum Juniper ATP services on a branch SRX Series device.
In this scenario, what are two requirements to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A: Install a basic Juniper ATP license on the branch device.
  • B: Configure the juniper-atp user account on the branch device. 
  • C: Register for a Juniper ATP account on
  • D: Execute the Juniper ATP script on the branch device.

Question 6
SRX Series devices have a maximum of how many rollback configurations?

  • A: 40
  • B: 60
  • C: 50
  • D: 10

Question 7
Unified threat management (UTM) inspects traffic from which three protocols? (Choose three.)

  • A: FTP
  • B: SMTP 
  • C: SNMP
  • D: HTTP
  • E: SSH

Question 8
When are Unified Threat Management services performed in a packet flow?

  • A: before security policies are evaluated
  • B: as the packet enters an SRX Series device
  • C: only during the first path process
  • D: after network address translation

Question 9
When configuring antispam, where do you apply any local lists that are configured? 

  • A: custom objects
  • B: advanced security policy
  • C: antispam feature-profile
  • D: antispam UTM policy

Question 10
Screens on an SRX Series device protect against which two types of threats? (Choose two.)

  • A: IP spoofing
  • B: ICMP flooding
  • C: zero-day outbreaks
  • D: malicious e-mail attachments


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