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Exam Certified Tester Foundation Level
Number CTFL
File Name Certified Tester Foundation Level.pass4sure.CTFL.2019-05-10.1e.115q.vcex
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Posted May 10, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What does the term “Pesticide paradox” refer to?

  • A: The phenomena where a piece of code that has a lot of bugs is likely to have more hidden, yet unfound bugs
  • B: The decreasing efficiency of debugging when done in code that has many bugs
  • C: Reduced effectiveness of test cases that are repeated and focused on the same scenarios
  • D: The redundancy of testing the same objects in both black and white box techniques

Question 2
Which of the following test techniques is structure-based?

  • A: Control flow testing
  • B: Use case testing
  • C: State transition testing
  • D: Decision table testing

Question 3
Which of the following test types is a part of the V-Model?

  • A: Black-box testing
  • B: White-box testing
  • C: Experience-based testing
  • D: Component testing

Question 4
Which of the following statements is correct?

  • A: Pair programming is done with developer and tester pairing together
  • B: Pair programming is an alternative
  • C: Pair programming is used usually in waterfall model
  • D: Pair programming is, among other things, an informal review method

Question 5
In foundation level syllabus you will find the main basic principles of testing. Which of the following sentences describes one of these basic principles?

  • A: Complete testing of software is attainable if you have enough resources and test tools
  • B: For a software system, it is not possible, under normal conditions, to test all input and output combinations
  • C: A goal of testing is to show that the software is defect free
  • D: With automated testing you can make statements with more confidence about the quality of a product than with manual testing

Question 6
Which of the following is an example of black-box dynamic testing?

  • A: Code inspection
  • B: Checking memory leaks for a program by executing it
  • C: Functional Testing
  • D: Coverage analysis

Question 7
Where and by whom is Beta testing normally performed?

  • A: By customers or potential customers at their own locations
  • B: By an independent test team at the developing organization’s location
  • C: At the developing organization’s site, but not by the developing team
  • D: By customers or potential customers at the developing organization’s site

Question 8
Which of the following is NOT an objective of testing?

  • A: Finding defects
  • B: Providing information for decision-making
  • C: Analyzing and removing the cause of failures
  • D: Gaining confidence about the level of quality of the software

Question 9
Which statement about use case testing is true?

  • A: The test cases are designed to find defects in the data flow
  • B: The test cases are designed to find defects in the process flow
  • C: The test cases are designed to be used by real users, not by professional testers
  • D: The test cases are always designed by customers or end users

Question 10
When testing a mission critical system, a high coverage should be achieved. Which of the following techniques should be implemented as a structural based coverage technique in order to achieve the highest coverage?

  • A: multiple condition coverage
  • B: decision table
  • C: use case testing
  • D: statement coverage



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