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Exam ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018
Number CTFL-2018
File Name ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018.examcollection.CTFL-2018.2020-01-09.1e.24q.vcex
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Posted January 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Testing and Debugging are key activities in the software development lifecycle. 
Which of the following are DEBUGGING activities? 
a) Designing tests to find failures. 
b) Locating the cause of failures. 
c) Analysing and fixing the defects. 
d) Executing tests to show failures.

  • A: a and d.
  • B: a and b.
  • C: b and c.
  • D: c and d.

Question 2
During the development of a software change for a system, the developer makes a mistake in his work, which leads to a fault in the code. Unfortunately, the fault is not found by software testing and is released into live. What is the DEFINITE consequence of this mistake?

  • A: The system will fail, causing a defect.
  • B: If the defect is executed, the system may fail.
  • C: Loss of money, time, or business reputation.
  • D: Contractual requirements have not been met by testing.

Question 3
Which of the following options BEST explains the pesticide paradox principle of testing?

  • A: If we do not regularly review and revise our tests, we’ll stop finding defects.
  • B: Repeatedly running a set of tests will ensure that a system is defect free.
  • C: Defects are, paradoxically, often contained in a small number of modules.
  • D: Testing, like spraying pesticide, is an effective bug/defect removal activity.

Question 4
During which stage of the fundamental test process is the testability of requirements evaluated?

  • A: Test Execution.
  • B: Test Planning.
  • C: Test Design.
  • D: Test Analysis.

Question 5
Which ONE of the following is the BEST way to take advantage of the different mindsets of testers and developers?

  • A: Insist on independent testing at all stages in the lifecycle.
  • B: Have all developers undergo ISTQB training.
  • C: Keep developers and testers in separate teams.
  • D: Bring the two mindsets together.

Question 6
In which development life cycle model is regression testing an increasingly important activity as the project progresses?

  • A: V-model.
  • B: Waterfall.
  • C: Scrum.
  • D: Progressive.

Question 7
After a record of poor quality software releases (incorrect menu selection options, new features that do not work, users allowed to change security levels without administrator rights), you have been asked to review the test capability in your company. 
You have limited time to do the review before the next project, which type of testing would be MOST appropriate to review first?

  • A: Functional testing.
  • B: Non-functional testing.
  • C: Performance testing.
  • D: Structural testing.

Question 8
When can functional and structural testing BOTH be applied?

  • A: System and Component test levels only.
  • B: All ‘Development’ test levels, i.e. those before Acceptance testing.
  • C: Component and Component integration test levels only.
  • D: All test levels.

Question 9
Which of the following are triggers for Maintenance testing? 
a) System migration from one platform to another. 
b) Retirement of a system. 
c) Preparation for an audit of a system. 
d) Modifications to a system. 
e) Development of a whole new system.

  • A: a, c and d.
  • B: b, c and e.
  • C: a, d and e.
  • D: a, b and d.

Question 10
Which statement about Static Testing is TRUE?

  • A: Static testing can be applied to any work product that participants know how to read and understand.
  • B: Static testing must only be applied to final work products that have been signed off.
  • C: Static testing must be conducted by users of the product being tested.
  • D: Static testing executes the code to verify the functionality is as expected.



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