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Exam Certified Information Systems Auditor
Number CISA
File Name Certified Information Systems Auditor.ExamBoost.CISA.2020-08-27.1e.1043q.vcex
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Posted August 27, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An IS auditor notes that help desk personnel are required to make critical decisions during major service disruptions. 
Which of the following is the auditor's BEST recommendation to address this situation?

  • A: Introduce classification of disruptions by risk category.
  • B: Provide historical incident response information for the help desk
  • C: Implement an incident response plan
  • D: Establish shared responsibility among business peers.

Question 2
A company has implemented an IT segregation of duties policy In a role-based environment, which of the following roles may be assigned to an application developer?

  • A: Database administration
  • B: Emergency support
  • C: IT operator
  • D: System administration

Question 3
Which of the following is the BEST source of information when assessing the amount of time   a project  will take?

  • A: Critical path analysis
  • B: Workforce estimate
  • C: GANT chart
  • D: Scheduling budget

Question 4
Which of the following is a passive attack on a network?

  • A: Sequence analysis
  • B: Traffic analysis
  • C: Message service interruption
  • D: Message modification

Question 5
What is the GREASTEST concern for an IS auditory reviewing contracts for licensed software that executes a critical business process?

  • A: The contract does not contain a right-to-audit clause.
  • B: Software escrow not negotiated.
  • C: Several vendor deliveries missed the commitment data.
  • D: An operational level agreement (OLA) was not negotiated.

Question 6
The IS auditor of a power company finds that the radio link to a remote mountain site is experience systematic outages under specific weather conditions. The communications managers explains that increasing the radio power would require a new license and would help. What is the MOST appropriate action by the IS auditor?

  • A: Recommend that the site s hardware be upgraded to record data during outages.
  • B: Gather additional information to identify threats vulnerabilities and impact.
  • C: Review the installation license, permissions and associated costs.
  • D: Recommend that the site's data collection and transmission be non-interruptible.

Question 7
Which of the following would be the MOST effective method to address software license violations on employee workstations?

  • A: Implementing real-time monitoring software on employee workstations
  • B: Restricting administrative rights on employee workstations
  • C: Scanning of workstation daily for unauthorized software use
  • D: Required automated installation of software.

Question 8
An IT governance body wants to determine whether IT service delivery is based on consistently efficient and effective processes. Which of the following would be the BEST approach?

  • A: Evaluate key performance indicators (KPis).
  • B: Conduct a gap analysis.
  • C: Analyze current and future capacity.
  • D: Implement a balanced scorecard

Question 9
When conducting a follow-up audit on an organization s firewall configuration, the IS auditor discovered that the firewall had been integrated into a new system that provides both firewall and intrusion detection capabilities. The IS auditor should:

  • A: review the compatibility of the new system with existing network controls
  • B: consider the follow-up audit unnecessary since the firewall is no longer being used
  • C: assess whether the integrated system addresses the identified risk
  • D: evaluate whether current staff is able to support the new system

Question 10
One advantage of monetary unit sampling is the fact that:

  • A: it increases the likelihood of selecting material items from the population,
  • B: large-value population items are segregated and audited separately
  • C: it can easily be applied manually when computer resources are not available 
  • D: results are stated in terms of the frequency of items in error


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