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Exam IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management for IT Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
Number P9510-021
File Name IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management for IT Technical Sales Mastery Test v1.CertDumps.P9510-021.2020-06-26.1e.63q.vcex
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Posted June 26, 2020

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which CLM capability does the Analyst role have full read/write access to?

  • A: software configuration management
  • B: test management
  • C: automation
  • D: requirements management

Question 2
What is a major advantage of deploying IBM Rational CLM in a single server setup?

  • A: full Single Sign-On (SSO) support
  • B: a single LDAP server to control authentication
  • C: simplified linking of work items
  • D: easier to schedule maintenance windows

Question 3
A project lead wants to ensure that the whole team understands the overall scope of the project. Which capability of IBM Rational CLM should the sales specialist highlight?

  • A: It provides a single plan that spans requirements, development, and testing.
  • B: It fully integrates project planning with execution.
  • C: It emails copies of the plan to all team members.
  • D: It subjects any changes in the plan to the entire team approval.

Question 4
An organization has developed a set of best practices it plans to reuse in the future. How should the organization use IBM Rational CLM to achieve this?

  • A: create a project template
  • B: write a best practices wiki
  • C: generate a process report
  • D: develop a project script

Question 5
Which kind of artifact should a stakeholder create in order to visually model the interaction of a customer without focusing on the design?

  • A: user interface sketch
  • B: business process diagram
  • C: work flow diagram
  • D: use case diagram

Question 6
Which of the five imperatives best helps each team member understand what the rest of the team is doing and how it impacts the overall workload?

  • A: in-context collaboration
  • B: real-time planning
  • C: lifecycle traceability
  • D: continuous improvement

Question 7
Practitioners are reluctant to participate in planning activities. Which IBM Rational CLM capability should the sales specialist suggest?

  • A: Team members can update status in the course of their daily work.
  • B: Teams are regularly reminded to provide status updates.
  • C: Team members who do not participate are absent in the Planned Time view.
  • D: Team leaders can require members to approve the plan.

Question 8
Which Rational Requirements Composer capability best eliminates the obstacle of stakeholders failing to agree on the definition of important terms?

  • A: collaborate in real time with commenting
  • B: link use case diagrams to UI sketches and requirements
  • C: create glossaries and submit them for review
  • D: link requirements to business process sketches

Question 9
A project manager frequently requires informal reports on requirements coverage. Which optional capability best meets this need?

  • A: Query Studio
  • B: Report Studio
  • C: Cognos Studio
  • D: Analysis Studio

Question 10
Some development team members are overburdened while others have almost nothing assigned to them. Which IBM Rational CLM view should team leaders use to better distribute the workload?

  • A: Work Breakdown view
  • B: Task Board view
  • C: Roadmap view
  • D: Developer view



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