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Exam IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2
Number P2020-795
File Name IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2.PracticeTest.P2020-795.2018-11-19.1e.24q.vcex
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Posted November 19, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A large international manufacturer is expanding rapidly and is looking to IBM for help in improving their supply chain network. 
Which metric does an IBM Decision Optimization solution help improve directly?

  • A: customs compliance for global sourcing
  • B: mean time to failure (MTTF) for equipment
  • C: open distribution center costs
  • D: global tax accounting

Question 2
A customer is interested in deploying an optimization solution that will need to run locally on mobile devices that end users in the field carry with them. 
What is the most appropriate license and sizing metric that the IBM team would propose?

  • A: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Edition and the number of mobile devices
  • B: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Developer Edition Floating User Single Session and the number of concurrent users
  • C: IBM CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Edition and the number of concurrent optimization requests
  • D: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Single User Edition Client Device License and the number of mobile devices

Question 3
A technical seller is conducting an IBM Decision Optimization Discovery Workshop with a client. 
Which impacts of an optimization system on business processes should be discussed with the client at this time?

  • A: An optimization system does not affect existing business processes.
  • B: The processes for an optimization system and the existing processes need to be executed in parallel.
  • C: An optimization system necessarily introduces new business processes different from the existing processes.
  • D: An optimization system can improve automation of the existing processes.

Question 4
A prospect is considering potential implementations of decision optimization and business intelligence. Which best describes the relationship between these two technologies?

  • A: Business Intelligence provides valuable insight into data that complements Decision Optimization.
  • B: Decision Optimization requires implementation of Business Intelligence.
  • C: Business Intelligence and Decision Optimization serve the same purpose. There is no value in implementing both.
  • D: Business Intelligence and Decision Optimization are completely distinct and not suitable for integration.

Question 5
A key feature distinguishing IBM Decision Optimization from Predictive Analytics is:

  • A: Decision Optimization results are more accurate.
  • B: Decision Optimization results provide optimized actionable plans.
  • C: Decision Optimization results are easier to implement.
  • D: Decision Optimization results require less data.

Question 6
A large paper manufacturer makes standard and specialty papers. The production process makes batches of long rolls of paper. Individual customer orders can be accommodated by cutting the rolls into segments of varying widths. They have requested that IBM develop an optimization solution that improves their operational efficiency. 
Which is an appropriate goal to be optimized in this situation?

  • A: Reduce scrap loss.
  • B: Verify all customer orders.
  • C: Estimate set-up times between orders.
  • D: Design a color pattern for each roll processed.

Question 7
A retail chain is considering a supply chain management system based on IBM Decision Optimization technology. 
A discovery workshop has been offered. It is critical that the customer attendees include:

  • A: Supply chain planners, management and representatives from IT.
  • B: Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operations Officer.
  • C: Store managers and merchandisers.
  • D: Chief Financial Officer, Chief information Officer and marketing managers.

Question 8
A technical seller can identify an IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) opportunity versus an IBM CPLEX opportunity when the customer’s:

  • A: IT team is interested in embedding the engine into a proprietary application.
  • B: OR team wishes to link the engine to IBM SPSS Modeler.
  • C: Business users want the ability to run what-if analysis and scenario comparisons.
  • D: OR team has an existing OPL model and would like to solve it on a single desktop.

Question 9
A customer wants to deploy an optimization based solution in a scalable and high availability (HA) deployment environment that provides failover and load balancing capabilities. 
Which application server can be used for deploying Decision Optimization Center server components to provide an HA environment?

  • A: WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
  • B: WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
  • C: Oracle WebLogic Server
  • D: WebSphere Application Server

Question 10
When an IBM Decision Optimization technical seller talks about the information technology stack that is needed to support effective decision making, which would be the primary target audience?

  • A: Chief Financial Officer
  • B: Vice President of Marketing
  • C: Chief Information Officer
  • D: Vice President of Production



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