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Exam IBM SPSS Modeler Sales Mastery Test v1
Number M2020-732
File Name IBM SPSS Modeler Sales Mastery Test v1.Passguide.M2020-732.2018-09-04.1e.23q.vcex
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Posted September 04, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which capability is NOT included in the price of IBM SPSS Modeler Gold?  

  • A: R integration
  • B: Automated model refresh
  • C: Campaign optimization
  • D: Realtime scoring

Question 2
Which user is most likely to use the automated modeling feature of IBM SPSS Modeler?

  • A: Professional statistician
  • B: Business analyst
  • C: Business executive
  • D: IT manager

Question 3
A retail marketing director needs to improve customer retention and wants to include customer feedback from his call center. Which IBM SPSS Modeler Premium capability would be applicable?

  • A: Social Network Analysis
  • B: Entity Analytics
  • C: Text Analytics
  • D: Automated Modeling

Question 4
Which is NOT a core differentiator for IBM SPSS Modeler?

  • A: Open source.
  • B: Easy to learn, visual interface.
  • C: Open and scalable architecture.
  • D: Power and automation.

Question 5
Which of these features require that customers have entitlement to IBM SPSS Modeler Server?

  • A: SQL Pushback, In Database Scoring Adapters and In Database Mining
  • B: Monte Carlo Simulation and Social Network Analytics
  • C: Python Scripting and R integration
  • D: Space Time Boxes

Question 6
Which words complete the value proposition for IBM SPSS Modeler Premium? 
The differentiating features of IBM SPSS Modeler Premium that can address a wider multitude of business cases and create more accurate models on structured and unstructured data are____________, ____________and _____________.

  • A: Space Time Boxes, Logistic Regression, Automatic Data Preparation
  • B: Text Analytics, Entity Analytics, Social Network Analysis
  • C: Database access, SQL pushback, Integration with IBM SPSS Statistics
  • D: Classification models, Association models, Clustering models

Question 7
What components are included in the IBM SPSS Modeler Gold bundle?

  • A: IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, IBM SPSS Statistics, and IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services
  • B: IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services, and IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management
  • C: IBM SPSS Modeler Premium, IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services, and IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management
  • D: IBM SPSS Modeler Premium, IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services, IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management, IBM SPSS Catalyst, and IBM SPSS Analytic Server

Question 8
Which description of value would be correct to share when speaking with Sales and Marketing Executives about IBM SPSS Modeler?

  • A: Improve customer intimacy, Improve cross sell close rate, Improve customer retention
  • B: Improve customer growth, Improve customer retention, Improve visualization
  • C: Enhanced process monitoring, Advanced use of business rules, Real time feedback
  • D: Improve customer intimacy, Improve customer lifetime value, Improve customer retention

Question 9
Which IBM SPSS Modeler edition best matches the below value proposition? 
Provides a range of advanced algorithms, data manipulation and automated modeling and preparation techniques to build predictive models and uncover hidden patterns in structured data.

  • A: IBM SPSS Modeler Gold
  • B: IBM SPSS Modeler Premium
  • C: IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
  • D: All IBM SPSS Modeler editions share this value proposition

Question 10
Which step is considered to be high-risk when included in progressing an IBM SPSS Modeler opportunity?

  • A: ROI assessment
  • B: Executive-level agreement
  • C: Enablement assessment 
  • D: Proof of Concept 



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