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Exam IBM Business Process Manager v8.5.7 Application Development using Process Designer
Number C9550-512
File Name IBM Business Process Manager v8-5-7 Application Development using Process Designer.examskey.C9550-512.2019-02-05.1e.53q.vcex
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Posted February 05, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
When creating a Localization Resource bundle, which option can be changed only using the desktop Process Designer client application?

  • A: Importing localization bundles
  • B: Adding keys to a localization bundle
  • C: Adding values for the different languages
  • D: Adding locales to the localization resource

Question 2
A BPM developer would make which recommendation to improve application performance?

  • A: Avoid purging data regularly.
  • B: Create deploy deeply nested Coach Views.
  • C: Create large server side JavaScript blocks.
  • D: Avoid multiple sequential system lane activities.

Question 3
Which two library artifacts are required to configure a content start event that reacts to a document uploaded to an external Enterprise Content Management system? Select two.

  • A: A web service
  • B: An Ajax service
  • C: An undercover agent
  • D: An event subscription
  • E: An advances integration service

Question 4
An error intermediate event has been attached to a nested service to catch specific errors. How does the nested service define the error code thrown? 


  • A: It is defined in an error end event.
  • B: It is mapped to a variable in the nested service.
  • C: It is assigned programmatically to tw.error.code.
  • D: It is assigned programmatically to tw. nestedservice.error.code.

Question 5
To integrate the content of an existing Enterprise Content Management system with an IBM Business Process Management solution, where is the initial folder structure of a process instance defined?

  • A: Coach settings
  • B: Process Inspector settings
  • C: Folder Management settings
  • D: Process Application folder settings

Question 6
Which words should be avoided when naming tracking groups and tracked fields?

  • A: Upper case
  • B: Lower case
  • C: SQL-92 reserved words
  • D: ISO 9001 reserved words

Question 7
Which requirement is the process pattern in the image below fulfilling? 


  • A: When Task1 completes, the managers shall receive a task to audit the outcome of Task 1. If the process receives a termination event, the managers task (Task 2) shall end automatically.
  • B: A task for the managers (Task 2) shall be assigned 2 minutes after Task 1 becomes overdue. When the managers task is complete, the process shall wait for a message from Task 1 before finishing.
  • C: 5 minutes after Task 1 starts, the managers shall receive a reminder to check on Task 1. After Task 1 completes, the process waits on the completion of the managers task (Task 2) before finishing.
  • D: When Task 1 becomes overdue, the managers shall receive a task to investigate why Task 1 is not complete. After Task 1 completes, any outstanding investigation tasks for the managers (Task 2) shall be terminated.

Question 8
When calling an AJAX or REST operation from a coach view, the parameters of the call’s argument must be in which format?

  • A: A stringified XML object
  • B: A serialized JSON object
  • C: A native ISO 8601 object
  • D: A Plain Old Java Object (POJO)

Question 9
When will the value of a variable be changed when using a post assignment in an activity within a process?

  • A: Immediately after the activity runs
  • B: Immediately after a variable has been assigned to a user or group
  • C: Immediately after the activity has been assigned to a user or group
  • D: Immediately after a coach view in the activity processes a boundary event

Question 10
Why would a developer use JavaScript in business process definitions?

  • A: It’s a way to declare variables to be used.
  • B: This is the only way to define business objects.
  • C: To create exposed process values for specific users.
  • D: To implement customized behavior in the process model.



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