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Exam IBM API Connect v. 5.0.5 Solution Implementation
Number C9530-519
File Name IBM.Selftestengine.C9530-519.v1-0.2017-12-01.1e.42q.vcex
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Posted December 01, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements are true regarding a Plan in Developer Portal?

  • A: Plans cannot have multiple rate limits set per operation.
  • B: The burst limit feature is available only through Micro Gateway.
  • C: A Plan is a collection of API operations or subsets of operations from one or more APIs.
  • D: All Plans are available to use immediately and requires no access to the Developer Portal.
  • E: A Plan can have a shared rate limit for all the operations or each operation can have a different rate limit.

Question 2
Which is the best option in the API Manager to create a new OpenAPI from a WSDL? 

  • A: Import an existing OpenAPI
  • B: New OpenAPI from scratch
  • C: New OpenAPI from Swagger
  • D: New OpenAPI from SOAP service

Question 3
OAuth 2.0 provider APIs can support multiple OAuth flows, each of which corresponds to an OAuth grant type. 
What are two valid OAuth flows and the corresponding OAuth grant types? (Select two.)

  • A: username, password
  • B: Client ID, Client secret
  • C: authorization url, auth token
  • D: Application, Client Credentials
  • E: Access Code, Authorization Code

Question 4
When are the default API manager dashboards and visualizations added to the catalog?

  • A: When an API is published
  • B: When a Catalog is created
  • C: Once a Catalog is published to Developer Portal
  • D: Once the Developer Portal is enabled in the Catalog settings

Question 5
Once a user-defined policy is created and implemented, how will it be made available for use?

  • A: By catalog
  • B: By provider organization
  • C: Available universally by all APIs 
  • D: Must be imported into assemble for each API usage

Question 6
When using IBM API Connect built-in policies in Bluemix, what should users be aware of?

  • A: Only Micro Gateway policies apply
  • B: Only DataPower Gateway policies apply
  • C: Only those policies that generate security tokens apply
  • D: Only those policies that do not generate security tokens apply

Question 7
What can be used to validate a product file definition? 

  • A: OpenAPI
  • B: API Manager
  • C: Developer toolkit
  • D: Product definition template

Question 8
What is one of the requirements to create an additional IBM API Connect Management server for high availability?

  • A: Clone the deployed IBM API Management server to another host.
  • B: Backup and restore the deployment server API config files to another host.
  • C: Deploy the IBM API Connect Management server image to another host.
  • D: Use the Cloud Management Console to replay the log files to another host.

Question 9
An administrator wants to allow the developers to log into the Developer Portal with Google credentials. The first step is to enable a Portal Delegated User Registry in the API Manager UI. 
After that, what must be done to enable this functionality?

  • A: Integrate with Google Authenticator with required code.
  • B: Get the Client ID and Client secret for OpenID Connect.
  • C: Download Google authorization module for IBM API Connect.
  • D: Set Authorized JavaScript Origins and Authorized Redirect URIs.

Question 10
Which two projects would best suit the capabilities of IBM API Connect? (Select two.)

  • A: High speed media transfer
  • B: Building a responsive web app
  • C: Master Data Management across sites
  • D: Expanding mobile/web application channels
  • E: Exposing SOAP services outside the organization



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