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Exam Rational Performance Tester V8
Number C9510-058
File Name IBM.CertDumps.C9510-058.2018-07-07.1e.31q.vcex
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Posted July 07, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is a key consideration for using a loop in a test?

  • A: be sure to preserve the test flow and logic
  • B: select statements to be enclosed in the loop
  • C: set parameters for pacing the loop
  • D: calculate the correct number of loop iterations for the expected duration of the test

Question 2
When should performance measurement of a test be recorded?

  • A: when the system is reaching its steady state
  • B: as soon as all virtual users hit the application
  • C: after all virtual users reach synchronization point
  • D: anytime after test execution

Question 3
What are three typical goals of performance testing? (Choose three.)

  • A: identification of system response times
  • B: capacity planning
  • C: monitoring the network traffic
  • D: scalability testing
  • E: Think time determination

Question 4
What does checking "Show References" in the Test Data view do?

  • A: highlight the regular expression being used to capture each reference
  • B: jump forward from a response to the correlated request that refers to it
  • C: jump back from the correlated request to the response that refers to it
  • D: display automatically correlated data values in tabular form

Question 5
What is the main difference between correlated and pooled data?

  • A: Correlated data all comes from the same row of the table, while pooled data uses a different line for each request.
  • B: A separate copy of correlated data is owned by each test agent, while pooled data is shared across all agents.
  • C: Correlated data is varied at runtime, while pooled data is varied at record time.
  • D: Correlated data is varied by the server, while pooled data is varied by the client.

Question 6
Which option in IBM Rational Performance Tester helps in emulating workloads?

  • A: datapooling
  • B: creating a schedule
  • C: resource monitoring
  • D: profiling and logging

Question 7
What happens to an unused reference?

  • A: It will not be used by any later request in the test.
  • B: It will be automatically reset at the end of each test run.
  • C: It will be automatically reset when the test is saved.
  • D: It will become used if it matches a string in a later request.

Question 8
Why should you clear the cache when you record a test?

  • A: to force the browser to download all page elements resulting in a more accurate test
  • B: to force the browser to download all page elements resulting in longer page load times
  • C: to simulate a new user who has never used the application
  • D: to simulate actual browser behavior

Question 9
Which three verification points can be applied at the element level? (Choose three.)

  • A: Page Title VP
  • B: Page Content VP
  • C: Response Size VP
  • D: Response Code VP

Question 10
What is the purpose for correcting time offset?

  • A: to synchronize the workbench machine with all the virtual tester agents’ machines
  • B: to adjust for daylight saving hours on the workbench machine
  • C: to ensure that the response time breakdown test reports are correct
  • D: to ensure that agent machines with faster CPU run at the same rate as slower machines
  • E: to ensure all the data for response time breakdown is time-stamped using the time from the workbench machine



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