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Exam IBM New Workloads Sales V1
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File Name IBM New Workloads Sales V1.PracticeTest.C9020-667.2018-10-25.1e.53q.vcex
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Posted October 25, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A customer is interested in an IBM DS8886 feature that transfers frequently accessed blocks of data between spinning disk and solid state disk to increase system performance. 
Which feature provides this capability?

  • A: Storage Tier Optimizer
  • B: Active File Management
  • C: Data Management Services
  • D: Easy Tier

Question 2
How does a customer obtain updates and support for Spectrum Protect after the first year of installation?

  • A: IBM Software Subscription and Support
  • B: IBM Lab Services contract
  • C: IBM Global Financing
  • D: IBM Warranty Support (pre-paid)

Question 3
A sales specialist is presenting IBM Spectrum Scale to a prospect. The prospect has never heard of IBM Spectrum Scale and is concerned that it is a new product. 
Which response should the sales specialist use to alleviate the prospect’s concern?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Scale is inexpensive because it uses only non-intelligent SAS disk arrays configured in a highly redundant manner.
  • B: IBM Spectrum Scale has been used for many years for high-performance computing environments.
  • C: IBM has been a leader in storage virtualization for more than 12 years.
  • D: IBM Spectrum Scale is a fixed configuration optimized for the customer’s environment.

Question 4
A customer with a fast growing environment wants to simplify its backup and restore processes without increasing head count as data volumes expand. 
How does IBM Spectrum Protect meet this customer’s requirements?

  • A: It exclusively uses IBM Smarter Storage, saving on complexity.
  • B: It provides multiple administrative roles, maximizing flexibility.
  • C: It participates in CAMSS with mobile servers.
  • D: It provides a self-service portal, allowing users to perform restores.

Question 5
A bank customer has two sites in Italy and France. One site uses IBM storage and the other uses a competitor. 
Which IBM solution is required for block storage when replicating data between the sites for disaster recovery?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Scale
  • B: IBM DS8886
  • C: IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • D: IBM XIV

Question 6
What aids a customer in reducing training for a small staff when deploying multiple IBM products?

  • A: Common GUI
  • B: Directed Maintenance Package
  • C: Redbooks
  • D: DS Storage Manager

Question 7
A customer wants to minimize floor space and consolidate multiple storage systems to a new IBM FlashSystem A9000R storage system. 
Which feature of the IBM FlashSystem A9000R assists the customer with business requirement?

  • A: Data reduction
  • B: Synchronous replication
  • C: VMware integration
  • D: Storage virtualization

Question 8
Which IBM PartnerWorld technical resource should a qualified IBM Business Partner use to obtain technical information and competitive comparisons to close a proposal?

  • A: BP Innovation Center
  • B: Digital Techline Center
  • C: DeveloperWorks
  • D: Techdocs

Question 9
An IBM Spectrum Scale customer is looking for a solution to manage active and inactive data based on policies for different tiers. 
What should the IBM sales specialist suggest?

  • A: IBM Spectrum Control
  • B: Active File Management
  • C: IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • D: DB2 Content Manager

Question 10
A customer has an IBM TS3500 Tape Library with two expansion frames. The library has LTO-3 drives and has only 200 tape cartridge slots available and no space in the existing frames to add further drives. The customer has decided to move LTO-7, but won’t be able to purchase an IBM TS4500 for 18 months. 
Which statement demonstrates the investment protection the sales specialist should explain to the customer?

  • A: A new TS3500 expansion frame with LTO-7 drives can be installed now and be moved to TS4500 at a later date.
  • B: LTO-7 drives are faster and can access data on the existing LTO-3 cartridges.
  • C: LTO-7 drives and media can be installed in the TS3500 and subsequently migrated to TS4500.
  • D: LTO-7 drives are faster and can store more data on the existing LTO-3 cartridges.



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